How To Make Chrome Default Browser On iPhone or iOS 14


Apple finally listened to its users and allowed users to pick their favorite browser as the default browser on iPhone or any iOS 14 compatible devices. I am a big fan of Google Chrome and is my default browser on Windows 10 system. This is a step-by-step guide on how to make Chrome default browser …

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What Does Renew Lease On Wifi Mean For iOS Device


If you recently got a prompt on your iPhone or any other iOS device to renew wifi lease, it’s normal and very safe to do so. But if you are wondering what does renew lease on wifi mean, this article should help you understand that. I’ve tried my best to help you understand what is …

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How To Change Font Size On iPhone


iPhones don’t provide too many customization options to their users as the android system does. But you can still change basic settings to make sure the phone suits your usage the best. If the default font size on an iPhone is not comfortable reading size, this is a step-by-step guide on how to change font …

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How Can You Unsend An iMessage After You’ve Sent It?


iMessage is one of the reasons most users love apple products and the ecosystem. Apple has been successful in building such a robust ecosystem that gets people hooked once they start using these services. One of the features iMessage lacks is the ability to unsend iMessage once it’s sent. If you are wondering if you …

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How To Block Websites On iPhone or iPads


Apple has some of the best privacy and security features for its devices. It makes it really easy and convenient to manage and control all your family devices from a single account. If you have kids and want to learn how to block websites on their iPhones or iPads, it’s very easy to set it …

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