How To Connect Two Monitors To A Laptop on Windows 10/11


Laptop has been my go-to choice as the main work machine for a long time now. For years, I have been using my laptop and dual screen setup to churn out content here at Windowslovers. With my recent addition to my devices is a Gigabyte Aorus 15P XD gaming laptop, which helps me multitask like …

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MUX Switch Laptop – Things To Know Before Your Buy One


Asus Zephyrus Duo 15se is one of the laptops that I was very excited about testing out for a long time. Well, that excitement did not last very long after receiving the unit though since it did not have a mux switch. I was facing serious stuttering and lagging issues that I could not seem …

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Which Windows Laptop Should I Get?

In recent years the crazy for Windows laptops has drastically increased. From work and study to online gaming, everything is online. Many businesses are shifting towards an online approach to attract more customers. The technology is changing, and with that, the demand for laptops is also increasing. This guide will help you to consider 10 …

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5 Reasons Not To Buy New Macbook Pro 2016

Apple has finally refreshed its Macbook product lines. At an event on 27 October in San Francisco, Apple revealed its brand new refreshed Macbooks. They revealed lots of new features and also other changes but has these changes been able to wow its users?? Well, sort of. In this article, we will go through 5 …

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What SSD Drive Does Your Laptop Support

SSD drives can really boost your PC/Laptop’s performance when it comes to reading and writing. This means, with the right hardware configurations the SSD will be a huge bonus supporting faster windows loading, applications, games and every task that you use your system for. I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire V Nitro (VN7-571G-70HF) laptop to …

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Laptop Overheating : Causes And Solutions

Laptop overheating issues are really annoying and makes you fell helpless. When you try to run a heavy app or a game that consumes your GPU, your laptop heats up. Some laptops do not even need much load to get heated.   Fed up with your overheating laptop? You might be overlooking some things to consider before …

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How To Clean Laptop Screen Without Any Harm

Laptop screens are the most crucial part of a laptop. Laptop screen is the major factor behind the first impressions of any laptop. Though a laptop might have been packed with mind blowing features but if it lacks the crispness and clarity in the display, every effort seems worthless. So, how to clean a laptop screen safely so that …

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10 Proven Tips To Increase Laptop Battery Life

Laptop batteries are capable of providing juice to our laptop for an average of 2-3 hrs on normal usage. Though a recently bought laptop provide much better and extended laptop battery life, after certain time period they usually drain out faster. So, one should always look into h to increase laptop battery life or extend battery life of your laptop. …

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How To Make Your Laptop Faster For Cheap


Laptops and personal computers are nowadays so advanced and way more powerful than they used to be in the past. We’re using devices much smaller and compact than they actually used to be in the past. Laptops have become more powerful and the software that runs on all these devices is also way more advanced. …

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