Why Is One Airpod Louder Than The Other {SOLVED}

Airpods are one of the best products that Apple has put out after the iPhone. It has pushed the company towards new heights that we’ve never seen another company do before becoming a trillion-dollar company. But like the Samsung earbuds, lots of users have complained that one airpod is louder than the other in some cases. So if you are wondering, why is one airpod louder than the other, this guide will provide some insight into this issue and possible solutions to it.

Airpods have a unibody design. Meaning there is no possible or easy way to open one up for repair or cleaning purposes. That being said, depending on your scenario reasons why one of your airpod is louder than the other one.

Why Is One Airpod Louder Than The Other

Like mentioned before the solutions will differ in everyone’s case. But these solutions apply for everyone that has this issue or helps get a better idea of why this is happening in the first place.

Main reasons why one of you airpod is louder that other –

  • Physical damage or fault
  • Airwax or residue deposit or collection on the airpods speaker

When Was The AirPods Purchased?

If the AirPods were purchased recently and you cannot see any deposit or dirt on the speakers, I would suggest you to consult the apple support. There are not many settings or things that can go wrong while pairing your airpods unless you remember you’ve made some changes on the player.

But if the airpods have been fairly used chances are that the speakers are being muffled by deposits on the speaker. Please follow the cleaning instructions mentioned below if that is your case.

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Make Sure The Balance Is Set Correctly

Your iPhone, iOS device or even an android phone has an audio balance setting to balance the audio between your ears. Checking to make sure that these settings have not been altered either on purpose or by mistake before your start solving the issue is very important.

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to Accessibility > Audio/Visual.

Towards the bottom, you will find a “BALANCE” option. If the slider is in the center, that means both of your AirPods should play the music at the same volume. But in case the slider is either on the left or towards the right, the AirPods on that side will be louder than the other.

Just slide that slider to the center of the slider and check if this has resolved the issue.

Try Using It On Another Phone

It’s always a good idea to try your fault accessories with other devices and see if you face a similar issue. This helps you eliminate the possible causes of the error you are facing.

For some reason when you pair the AirPods and use them on other devices and the AirPods are equally loud and have no issue, there might be some issues with your phone.

But if one of the airpod is louder than the other while using with a different device or a phone, definitely the airpods has some issues.

Now, if none of these seem to be a cause or issue in your case I would say that your airpods needs a good clean. I will cover deeper on how to clean airpods and the airpods case in other guide, but some quick fixes for a quieter airpod have been mentioned below.

When you use the airpod for long period of time, the ear produces airwax. The airwax gets deposited on the airpod speakers and they dry out too. There might be other dirt and unwanted residue collected inside the speaker and not just on it.

So, the first thing to do is to try and shake things a bit from withing the airpod to make it easier to clean later.

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Play Loud Base

Yeah, sounds stupid right? Make sure you are not wearing the airpods while you do this.

Just search for a high base only music on YouTube and play it on full volume for a minute or two.

This will loosen the gunk and might also push them out the speaker grills on the airpod.

You might see other recommendations to use hydrogen peroxide to dissolve the gunk or wax, but in doing that you are clearing the airpods but that gets inside the airpods.

How much of a bigger problem that might be in the future is another case.

Once you’ve played the loud base for few minutes, its time for the gross part of this guide.

Suck On The Airpod

Lol, and you thought that playing loud base was stupid? But there is a correct way to do it.

Just get a tissue and wrap the AirPods in it and suck on the speakers directly.

Suck it as hard as you can since you won’t be creating too much vacuum pressure like the vacuum cleaner does.

Now get an alcohol wipe or alcohol cleaning solution and give the airpod speaker a good wipe.

The reason we have to use an alcohol wipe is that even though the alcohol gets into the airpod, it will evaporate and won’t harm the AirPods internal component.

If you use any other cleaning or wiping solution, it might get into the internal components of the AirPods and might damage it.

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Fixing If A Airpod Is Quieter Than Other

Unless the AirPods were recently purchased, I am very sure that thorough and proper cleaning of your Airpods speaker grills will make sure they give adequate sound.

If you have other issues or these solutions did not help, please leave your feedback in the comments below so that this article can be updated accordingly.

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