How To Make Your Laptop Faster

Waiting For Your Laptop To Process
Laptops and personal computers are 
nowadays so advanced and way more powerful that they used to be in the past. We’re using devices much smaller and compact than they actually used to be in the past. Laptops have become more powerful and the software that run on all these devices are also way more advanced. Despite of all the high end configurations and high class infrastructures some laptop devices still cannot run at their optimum speed that they were supposed to. There might be not hundreds but thousand of reason that might be lagging your computer’s speed and help make your laptop faster.

How to make your laptop faster

Understanding your laptop configuration

First things first, your laptop cannot perform faster than it actually is designed to. Like there is no comparison between an i7 and dual core CPU laptop, likewise you cannot expect your laptop to run at a blazing fast speed if its not configured to. So, before you panic that your computer has gone slow you should understand that your laptop is not designed and optimized for the latest software and applications so runs a bit slow. So, if you want to run latest software applications at much better rate you should look into upgrading your laptop’s components or getting a new laptop.  Some configurations changes that you can do to make your laptop faster :
  • Get some more space by expanding your hard drive’s capacity.
  • Install a extra RAM with higher capacity.
  • Install a GPU that handles all the graphics processing and minimizes the load on your processor alone.

Virus, Malawares and unwanted applications

Your files, documents and applications might be affected by viruses or malawares and while you access these files and documents the infectious virus also loaded into the memory with the programs/files.
Virus Scan

All these virus programs are intended to slow down your computer’s processing capabilities and damage any user information and data as well. Make sure you have only the applications that you use on a daily basis and be sure to remove any suspected. malicious application from the control panel>add or remove programs. So, to get rid of all the problems you can :

  • Install a antivirus software and always keep it updated so that it detects any new virus, worms or Trojan right away and protect your PC.
  • Make sure what you are installing and do not install any unwanted applications and make sure to delete the applications that you no longer use and make your hard drive free.

Importance of Disk defragmantation 

If you are not familiar with disk defragmantation, let me get it straight. When you copy any files or documents in your harddrive, it is pasted randomly in any sector it find first and when this continues the files are scattered all over the harddrive making it difficult for the new files to be written to the harddrive and also accessing the old files is also very difficult. So, this all will definitely slow down your Laptop. So, to overcome this problem and to make your laptop faster you have to defragmant your harddrive. You can easily do this by right clicking on the drive  > Tools > Disk Defragmantation. 

Understanding Different Laptop Power Modes

You can see when you click on the battery sign that resides on the bottom right of your screen, you usually see two different modes. i.e Power saver and High performance. There can be different other modes as well depending on the laptop that you are using and operating system you are using. (Though these modes are mostly common in windows operating system) 
  • Power Saver Mode : This mode consumes the least available hardware resources and facilities and only focuses on providing a longer battery life.
  • High Performance : Where as this mode runs your system at full performance i.e utilizing all the available resources and consume more power without compromising the speed of your laptop.
Plugging In Makes Your Laptop Faster
Plug It In
You might also have experienced the lag in performance when you are using your laptop on battery and when you run it on direct power by plugging it into the wall socket. So, to make laptop faster plug it into the power supply and run it on high performance mode. 

Using Different Utility Applications To Make Laptop Faster

One can also use application that promise you to make your laptop very fast, by that i donot mean to go after any application that says that but, choosing the applications that do their work best and actually help to make your laptop faster. I’ve listed some that I’ve used and actually think can help your fasten up your PC.
  • Tune up Utilities 
  • Registry Cleaner
  • Uniblue Powersuite
So, for now these are some of the basics you should look into to make your laptop faster. I’ll be updating the post with more cool ways to enhance your PC’s perfomance in the future so keep reading keep visiting.  

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