Why SSD Drives Are Better Than HDD For Gaming?

If you go to the market and look for the gaming laptop, inside each gaming laptop, you will find an SSD (Solid State Drive). So, why are manufacturers using SSD, and what are the advantages of SSD for gaming?

In data storage hardware, SSDs have become the latest technology, and their use is expected to become even more and more popular as time goes on. You can choose between SSD and HDD based on your need.

A solid-state drive (SSD) is not what you need if you have framerate problems. The main factor here is your GPU, and updating to an SSD would not make a difference. The purpose of installing games on an SSD is the massive decrease in load times. The data transmission speed of SSDs is relatively faster than HDDs.

Why SSDs Are Better For Gaming Performance

Now let’s go into detail and see why SSDs are better than HDDs. We will also talk about the various advantages of SSD for gaming. You can check out this article to see what SSD is compatible with your laptop.

What is Solid State Drive (SSD)?

Talking of Solid-State Drives (SSD) is a kind of storage unit that preserves information using flash memories. So, either you are on the lookout for a new gaming system or want the existing device to be upgraded. You may want to try adding your SSD to the cart.

If you want to boost your PC speed, then SSD will be a great choice. For various reasons, they’re a common option, including the fact that rates have been going down in recent years, making them even more affordable.


If you are a gamer, then with a powerful GPU, you need a fast processor and a robust storage device. If your game takes a long time to respond, then it became frustrating. Following are some of the reasons that will prove to you why SSDs are better than HDDs.

  • When it comes to boot time, then HDDs are slower than SSDs. Compared to 30-40 seconds for a hard disk, boot time using a solid-state drive averages around 10-13 seconds.
  • The SSD runs smoother and typically lasts longer. That’s why there are no rotating pieces of an SSD like an HDD does.
  • HDD requires twice as much power as SSD requires to operate.
  • SSDs are small and also lighter than HDDs. Because of this, there became more room in the laptop, and your laptop will also feel lighter.

Advantages of SSD for Gaming

Talking about the advantages of SSD for gaming following are some of the advantages that will provide you a better vision for selecting SSD for gaming.


When it comes to gaming, then no one likes a slow PC. A standard SSD is about 25-100x faster than a conventional HDD. To run your operating systems, many of us already use SSDs, which leads to quicker boot times and easy access to your screen after you have fired up your machine.

SSD Has Better Data Trasnfer Speed

Solid-state drives will help you boost your web presence when it comes to hosting. They maintain quicker loading time for websites, which also leads to improved user experience. SSDs are very secure and effective, meaning that the confidentiality of their information is assured.


On the other hand, an SSD often requires less CPU capacity in comparison to an HDD, making the CPU free for other operations. Your laptop’s battery life would be improved with SSD, as they use less power than traditional hard drives. This means you’ll have more time while you’re driving before you need to locate an open power outlet.

For better performance, while playing games, you can have a 250GB SSD running your operating system and a 1TB HDD. And better, to get the best of both worlds, you can switch the game you are playing into your SSD.


Its durability is another value of the non-mechanical design found in the SSD. Since there are no actual elements in the SSD, external tragedies do not affect it. It is also longer durable and resilient to drops and shudders. Probably SSDs will not face any data losses even in the event of a decline, making it more reliable for data.

Thanks to storage intelligence applied to the unit, the longevity of SSDs is increasing. These technologies protect the SSD from data leakage or corruption, including error-correcting code (ECC), removing garbage, and caching for reading and writing.

4.Power Consumption

If you are a gamer, then you expect battery life on your PC. Tests suggest that HDDs consume about 50 percent more energy than SSDs, impacting battery life and power bills. Added to this, SSDs create cooler machines that can be critical in conditions where the equipment’s output would be influenced by heat.

There are no moving elements involved in SSDs. Because of this, less electricity is usually used. It is incredibly energy-efficient and less heat dissipation since the SSDs do not absorb much energy.

5.Less Noise

As SSDs operate with flash technologies, their process is quiet and cool. The HDD makes a periodic noise due to the metal platters’ rapid rotation, and the shifting of read/write arms. There are no metal platters and read/write arms in SSDs, unlike in an HDD. Hence, it creates no noise at all while the SSDs are in service. SSDs have been shown to have a noise rating of 0 decibels.

Will SSD Improve the Framerate of My Gaming PC?

SSDs do not give you better framerates, with anything else equal. That is something that is the responsibility of your GPU. So, if you’re having trouble with your framerates, you’re better off working on updating the GPU than trying to select an SSD over an HDD to squeeze out better framerates. For that, you don’t have to take our word. You can try upgrading your SSD, but the result will remain the same.

Our Verdict

Most people neglect its benefits and go for HDD because they are cheaper than SSD and offer more storage. But in recent days, the price of SSD is decreasing because of which it is more affordable. If you love the fast speed, lightweight, and eliminate the heating problem, you should go for SSD.

For gamers, SSD can bring a lot of difference in a game. It will boost the load time, save lots of battery, and prevents the heating problem. It is not a significant hardware upgrade to replace a disk with SSDs. And SSDs continue to be highly efficient storage media in the data center because of their higher efficiency and declining costs.

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