How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

To delete all tweets from your twitter account, you will not find a ready to use button on twitter neither can do so by getting in touch with them. There’s a much easier way to delete all your tweets at once, and we are discussing all the best ways possible to do so in this article today. 
Why would you actually want to delete all tweets from your twitter account? Before you actually delete them, why not find some solutions to your problems instead. It takes effort to build a community on twitter and if you think you’ve been spamming your follower’s twitter feed with unnecessary messages, then it might be the best solution to delete all your tweets from your twitter account. But, if you want to start it fresh, and get back with a revamped twitter profile, why not create a new account instead and get your fan following there instead? That would be the best instead of deleting your current twitter tweets and serving your followers the content they never followed your for. That’s horrible.

Backup Your Tweets Before You Delete All Tweets

Again, before deleting all your tweets it would be a good idea to at least backup your past tweets that might enclose some information you might be requiring in the future. To backup your twitter account or create a archive of it :
  • Log in to your twitter account.
  • Goto settings from the top right corner menu.
  • Scroll down and you should see a button indicating, “Request a Archive”
  • Press the button and a message should pop up that you’ll be sent a email with a link to download your twitter archive once its finished.
So, that now you’ve backed up your twitter profile lets get into the tutorial to delete all tweets from your twitter profile once and for all.
You can delete your tweets in multiple ways with multiple tools, we’re going to discuss some of the easy to use and free tools to get your job done.

Delete All Tweets With These Free Tools


We found tweeteraser lot easier to use, with its plain and simple interface. A quick three steps procedure to delete all your tweets, Sign in with twitter> Authorize the app > Filter the tweets that you want to delete and finally delete the tweets. Isn’t that easy?
  • First goto
  • On the homepage, you should see a button “Sign in with Twitter” on the left side bar.
  • Press the button and sign in and authorize the app, if you’ve already logged in just click on “Authorize app”.
  • You’ll be redirected to tweeteraser where the rest is done.
  • Now click on start searching button and all your tweets should be loaded.
  • Click on the (+) sign to select all your tweets and finally on the delete all the tweets button that pops up.


Another easy to use yet effective tool to delete all your tweets permanently is . Twitwipe has already been featured on mashableCNN and CNet for their world class services and features.
  • To use Twitwipe, log on to
  • Click on “Get started” button and enter the puzzle or captcha to continue.
  • It will direct you to your twitter account to “authorize the app” if not to the log in screen to enter your login credentials and authorize it.
  • After authorization has been completed you will be redirected to twitwipe and will prompt you if your action is final and the tweets deletion process cannot be undone.
  • Press Yes, and all your tweets will be deleted automatically.


Tweetdeleter offer a much professional look and feel, yet its free as well.
  • Go to and Sign in with twitter. Authorize the app and you should be redirected to tweetdeleter.
  • You should now be presented with a list of all your tweets. Select the tweets that you want to delete and press green button that reads “delete now”.
  • And that’s it, your tweets will be deleted.
So, these are some best tools / websites we found easy and useful to delete all tweets from our twitter account permanently and at once. Has it ever occurred to you that you needed to delete all your tweets, if yes, which tool did you use??

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