Edit PDF Online (Best Ways)

PDF is the most widely used file formats nowadays, as the doc formats before. To edit a doc file, we need a supportive application likewise to edit a pdf; we need a respective application. But one can also edit PDF online, and it’s easy and quick as well. If you want to edit pdf offline, we’ll explain …

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How To Delete All Tweets From Your Twitter Profile

To delete all tweets from your twitter account, you will not find a ready to use button on twitter neither can do so by getting in touch with them. There’s a much easier way to delete all your tweets at once, and we are discussing all the best ways possible to do so in this …

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Top 5 Blog Name Generator Tools Online Free

How often do you use blog name generator tool to find the perfect domain that you would like to build your blog upon. A simple blog name idea can plant a dream of achieving success like Mashable,Techcrunch and lots and lots of blogs that started off with a fancy and so called premium domain name. But unless you find …

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How To Make Your Facebook Private Using Facebook Privacy Settings


Facebook still is one of the most popular social media websites in 2021. Even with the rise of TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and other social media platforms, Facebook has a wider reach and more users as compared to other platforms. Like the saying with power comes responsibility, Facebook is handling billions of user’s personal data and …

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How To Delete Kik Account Permanently


Kik’s easy-to-use interface and quick registration process which does not require you to enter your phone number, has grabbed 80 million users. Kik allows its user to share voice and text messages including, photos and other media with other Kik users. This article aims to educate you on how to delete Kik account permanently and …

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How To Download And Install WhatsApp On Windows 7 PC


Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social messaging apps these days. With a record of serving more than 27 billion messages last year, it was no doubt that it would catch the eyes of Facebook. This post is dedicated to helping you download WhatsApp for Windows 7 PC with or without Bluestacks. Facebook …

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Nokia Z Launcher APK File Download And Best Features


Nokia showcased a new launcher with a promise to smartphone users to redefine the way to interact with their phones with a higher level of increased productivity and usability. But back then it was not available to download and install on your phone directly from the app store as it was in the test phase. …

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Nokia c3 Whatsapp Download And Installation

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social messaging apps these days with more than 40 million users using WhatsApp. If you have a Nokia phone, you can easily download install WhatsApp on Nokia phones like you have a Nokia c3 WhatsApp application and similarly for most of the S40 devices as listed below. …

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Trippy Backgrounds: 20 Best Trippy Wallpaper For Windows

Though there are not much fans around of the Trippy backgrounds and trippy wallpaper. Personally, I also donot quite like these trippy backgrounds as my windows wallpaper, the main reason is because they look weird and another one I find it mind disturbing. Read : DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN FIX   But, some of us might have a different …

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Best Online Alarm Clock Websites For Everyone

Do not want to get late for work and not in a mood to set up an alarm, these best online alarm clock websites might be really helpful. Though there are various applications that work best as an alarm clock, these online alarm websites save you the trouble of downloading and installing an app on …

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Best Google Tricks Like Google Zero Gravity

Google zero gravity was one of the first tricks that we saw from Google, after that lots and lots of tricks and joined the fun. Not most of us still know about the Google tricks and use Google as a search engine only. Today we’ll be discussing some of the best, and cool Google tricks …

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How To Make Your Laptop Faster For Cheap


Laptops and personal computers are nowadays so advanced and way more powerful than they used to be in the past. We’re using devices much smaller and compact than they actually used to be in the past. Laptops have become more powerful and the software that runs on all these devices is also way more advanced. …

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Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed On Windows 10


Windows 10 users run into lots of issues every now and then, most of them tend to occur after a Windows update that Microsoft does almost every day. No, I am not saying that Windows updates are bad, but Windows systems do face unusual system issues frequently as compared to macOS users. One of the …

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How To Make Youtube Videos Load Faster


YouTube is undoubtedly one of the major social platforms for media consumption these days. Every day over 1 Billion hours of video is watched on the platform itself making it the second most popular website among every other website on the internet. With the improvement in video tools and devices used to make these videos, …

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