How to Use Google Sheet and Share with Multiple Users


Google Sheets is online spreadsheet software that helps you create spreadsheets and format them and collaborate with other individuals. It is a free, web-based program for Google’s spreadsheets as part of the Google Drive service. Google Sheet is also available on ChromeOS as a desktop application and Android, Windows, iOS, and BlackBerry as a smartphone …

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How to Get Started With Jira For Project Management?


It’s hard when it comes to managing a team and the project. If you don’t know the proper technique of managing a project, it can be very confusing. So, to handle such projects, we need a helpful tool to keep track of everything, and for that, there are many tools available.  According to the complexity …

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Access Control On Google Meet Using Chrome’s Remote Desktop


Many users use google meet to conduct meetings and run online classes. In any online session, remote access over another computer or device is helpful and necessary. It is very helpful to provide or obtain technical assistance. Unfortunately, there is no built-in feature in Google Meet to hand off remote control to another user. Fortunately, …

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How to Create an Office 365 Email Account and Business Account?


You might be familiar with the word Office 365. If you are looking for a guide to create Office 365 email account and business account, then you are at the right place. Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based management suite that will help you fulfill your passion while still running your business. With office 365, you …

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Best Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10


It gets frustrating and annoying when you accidentally delete some of your essential files. You might lose the files that we have created by mistake or any different reason by doing complex works. Everyone repeats this mistake once in their life. So, now the question is how to restore permanently deleted files that you have …

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Why is Face ID not Working In iPhone 11? – Easy Solution


With time, Apple products are getting more advance. After the release of the iPhone X, Apple has stopped including the touch id feature, and instead of that, they are providing an advanced face recognition system. The face ID option on your iPhone has a lot of potential applications. You may use it to sign into …

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How To Solve WiFi Not Working On Laptop Windows 10?


Almost everything we do on a computer, from playing games, doing online meetings to viewing videos, needs a secure and fast Internet connection. While everything is working smoothly, we never know when we have to face problems like WiFi not working on laptop. This problem may arise in any version of Windows. But most of …

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How to Reduce the File Size of a PDF Without Losing Quality?


Sometimes the size of the PDF becomes larger, which makes it difficult to send through the mail and occupies unnecessary space in your drive. PDF of size more than 25MB is not allowed to upload. Not just that, if you want to upload any PDF documents to the government site, then it will only let …

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How To Mirror Android To PC Using Free Apps


There are many different ways from which you can easily cast android to PC. Either you can use an app or the built-in features available on your PC and Android. Screen mirroring is a method of digitally sharing/mirroring one user’s screen with another device, such as mirroring an Android screen on your PC or vice …

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