Is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Coming Back[Refurbished]

Samsung faced one of the worst nightmares last year. Samsung galaxy note 7’s defective battery caused the device to catch fire and in some cases even explode. Samsung had to recall all the Note 7 devices in the end and later provide compensation to its users. It costed Samsung a fortune.

Latest rumor from hankyung states that Samsung is planning to bring back the device with updated batteries in some markets later in july this year. Yes, that’s right Samsung might be putting its note 7 for sales again. But how true can this rumor actually be? Well, only time will tell us the truth but we can definitely keep our fingers crossed.

Note 7 was undoubtedly the best smartphone of the year 2017. If the device did not have a faulty battery, it would have taken the smartphone industry by storm. More than 2.5 million devices were sold by Samsung and later recalled. Last month, Samsung released a detailed report on the battery test that they conducted on 200,000 devices.

Hankyung reports that Samsung is planning to sell the refurbished units in India, Vietnam and probably other countries. But Samsung india’s spokesman clearly stated that they are not selling any Note 7 again. So, that actually brings twist to the rumor.

New Refurbished Galaxy Note 7s will have smaller batteries(3000mAh-3200mAh) as compared to 3500mAh.

Lets look into some reasons Samsung might or might not bring back refurbished Galaxy Note 7.

Why Bring Back Refurbished Galaxy Note 7?

  • The first reason simply would be to cover up the huge loss in profits for the manufacture and the recall process for the phone.
  • All 2.5 million devices that are in store will have to be disposed and that will cost more money to Samsung.
  • Everyone loves note 7 so no doubt that it will sell.
  • Samsung will have to lose more money to dispose 2.5 million devices. So they might as well make some money out of the devices.

Why Samsung Might Not Bring Back Refurbished Galaxy Note 7?

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is around the corner so why create a competition for yourself?
  • People might have trust issues with the phone.
  • Samsung India’s spokesman clearly said that they will not be selling any Galaxy note 7 phones.

So, even though Samsung might bring back the Galaxy note 7, we all are excited for Galaxy S8.

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