Google Chrome Flags : Everything You Need To Know

Chrome Flags – Introduction and Some Most Useful Chrome Flags

Google Chrome is the browser that almost every computer has it. It is so now so popular because of its flexible features. Chrome Flags is one of the features. In this article we will see what is Chrome Flags, How to enable it? And some most important chrome flags that you can use to increase the functionality of your Chrome browser. First we will see what is Chrome Flags?

Introduction to Chrome Flags

Chrome Flags are the collections of features that Google is implementing in the Chrome browser. These are not permanent features, these are in development phase and can be tested via Chrome Flags menu. However the Chrome Flags features are still in development but you can use some to increase the potential of the browser. The developers of Google want to know the positive and negative effects of these settings before enabling it for all. This is why they have introduced Chrome Flags. High end users can test it and this way Google can know how it is working.

How to Access Chrome Flags?

Chrome Flags can be accessed via your Google Chrome browser by entering chrome://flags in the new tab or new window. When you open it there is a clear notification that “Careful, these experiments may bite”. Which means you should not temper the settings which you are not sure how it works. Also, Google warns you that these settings are under implementation and can be removed or changed any time. By tempering with these settings your history, data, security, and privacy may be compromised. We are also warning you about it that when you use these settings you are on your own. If you seriously want to try those cool features and then go ahead and take risk.

Some Most Useful Chrome Flags Explained

Chrome Password Generation

Every web user need to register on many websites. If you do it often you were feeling difficulty in guessing strong password. Well, this Chrome Flag can help you in this. Chrome Password Generation can automatically generate strong password for you which is difficult to guess. Use Ctrl+F to find Password Generation flag in chrome://flags page. Enable this option and Relaunch the browser. Next time when you will be registering yourself on a web site Chrome Password Generation option will be there to assist you. This feature is a real time saving tweak for peoples who often create register on different services on web.

Increase Raster Threads

This Chrome Flags option is helpful for you to increase the image loading speed. Raster graphics are used to create the graphics in pixels instead of using lines and curves which is used by vector graphics. Computer read images in Raster form, increasing the Raster Threads speeds the speed of image loading. Use Ctrl+F to find Number of Raster Threads and change it to maximum i.e. 4 and relaunch your browser. Now you will see the speed of image loading on your browser is increased.

Autofill Predictions

We are listing some useful chrome flags to increase the web browsing experience on Google Chrome. Autofill Predictions is one of those most important features. The option remembers your inputs in certain text boxes and fills it automatically to save your time. If you are filling same textboxes with same data then you can enable this option to save lot of your time. Search for Show Autofill Predictions on chrome://flags page and enable it. Once you will relaunch your browser you can use this excellent feature which is real time saving.

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Enable Canvas Features to Increase Loading Speed

Some web pages use background images and other data which is not actually visible once the page is loaded. It is better to not load those images to increase the browsing speed. The Experimental Canvas Feature enables you to do that. This features does not load the underneath images which will not be visible. It simply skips loading the background images and loads which will be visible. This options also saves data and increase speed. Access chrome://flags and use ctrl+f to find Experimental Canvas Features and enable it then relaunch your browser to see the increased loading speed.

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Disable Auto-Reload

This chrome flag is big help for peoples who used to work on many tabs for long time. Google Chrome browser automatically suspend the inactive tabs that are open for long time and when you click on it – it starts reloading. Also, some web pages are designed to automatically reload. It can be real pain when you are in slow internet connection. To save yourself from this situation you can simply disable the Auto-Reload option from chrome://flags page. Use ctrl+F to find the Only Auto-Reload Visible Tabs option and enable it. Relaunch your browser and from next time the chrome will not reload the browser which you are not looking. If you want to disable this option for all tabs then choose disable option. Also, disable the option Offline Auto-Reload Mode which is just above.

Enable Offline Webpages

Next most useful chrome flag is enabling offline web pages option. This option is helpful for people who works all day on internet. Not all the websites runs for 24 hours, they try to but occasionally they face downtime. Not only this, on your own end you also face internet downtime. In this case you cannot check the important information which is on the site. This option automatically save a latest copy of the web page that you visit and when you are not connected to internet you can check the offline version. To enable this option search for Show Saved Copy Button on chrome://flags page and choose Primary option. Now after relaunching you when you face no internet connection you will see Show Save Copy button.

Close Windows/Tabs Faster

If you work on so many tabs and windows on Google Chrome then you also face slow time in closing them. This chrome flag can help you in that case. This option runs an independent javascript handler which is not depend on the GUI. To enable this option search for Fast Tab/Window Close on chrome://flag page and enable it.

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Mute Audio

Another most useful chrome flag is Mute Audio option. When you open a tab and it contains some video or music which starts playing automatic then you face hustle in closing it. If you are in office, then it is a good idea to find an option that quickly mute those tabs. This chrome flag do that task for you. It enables the Mute Audio option in tab context menu also you can tab multiple tabs at once. Search for Tab Audio Muting UI Control on chrome://flags page and enable it.

Material UI

Everyone likes the material design of Google Chrome. You can enable it on your chrome browser via Chrome Flags. There are some settings that can be changed to enjoy the Material User Interface. To enable this option, you can search for Material on chrome://flags page using ctrl+F and then enable them per your need.

Experimental Keyboard Lock UI

This chrome flag let you to view a page on full screen and disabling the keyboard. If you are viewing a page that need to viewed in full page and you also want to disable the keyboards because you do not want that you kid push some buttons, then this option helps you in that. This experimental feature let you enable an option to lock keyboard. You want to back then you need to press and hold Esc button. To enable this option search for Experimental Keyboard Lock UI chrome flag page, and then choose enable option from the drop-down menu.

Auto Save Passwords

If you are tired of clicking the button that asks you to remember a password then this option help you. When you enable this chrome flag it does not prompt to save or discard the password that you entered but it automatically saved all the passwords that you enter. Search for the flag Save Password Automatically and then choose the enable option from the drop-down menu. You can also enable the Force-Saving of Passwords, it will force the users to save passwords.

Default Tile Size

You can change the size of the default tiles. If you don’t like the current size of the tile the you can adjust its width and height using chrome flags options. There are two flags available that help you to do this Default Tile Width and Default Tile Height. You can choose different options from the drop-down menu according to the appearance you want.

Now you know about the Chrome Flags what they are and some most important flags that helps you to improve the functionality of your browser. These chrome flags not just make tasks easier but also saves time. But there is most important thing to always remember that these are experimental features and they can be removed anytime by Google. Also, you should be cautious in tempering with these settings they can delete all your data and privacy can go on risk.

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