Best Evite Alternatives To Send Free Online Invitations

If you are not acquainted with what is Evite, it’s an online service for sending and receiving invitations for different types of celebrations online. Evite’s wide range of online invitations makes it’s the most preferred place to get a neat and quick design to invite your closest friends for an upcoming event. We’ve tried some of the best Evite alternatives in 2020 and have mentioned some of the best alternatives in this article.

Though there have been debates about Evite not living up to the mark with the kind of hype, it has gained and was listed by Time magazine in their 5 worst websites, still many users use Evite to get their online invitations done from there. And for other fed-up users from Evite, we’ve compiled the following list of 5 best Evite alternatives to send online invitations to your friends.

Best Evite Alternatives To Send Free Online Invitations

One cannot settle for a subtle list of Evite alternatives as of their personal preferences, below mentioned websites and services sounded promising to us and helped you design a professional invitation card.

Note: These websites/services are randomly listed, and their placement in the list does not prioritize one’s popularity over other

Best Evite Alternatives [2020 Update]

1. Hobnob (App Only)

I know its 2020 and we use our phones for most of the stuff we do. Inviting your guests over for an event should not be any different. Hobnob is an app-only free invitations creator and management platform. It is available for android and iOS devices for free or you also have an option to send the link to your mobile phone and download it from the link sent to your phone. hobnob

The UI is super modern and is jam packed with lots of features that you will absolutely love.

Why we think Hobnob is the best evite alternative for 2020 : –

  • Modern UI
  • Send Invitations to text messages ( Guests can RSVP via text)
  • Group chat instead of group messages
  • Powerfull management features


Partylabz was recommended by one of our users a while back. After trying I think this online service will definitely come in hand for lots of our Windowslovers users.
Partylabz does not need you to sign up for there free account and is very very simple to use to create online invitations and invite your friends. Even though partylabz has a limitation when it comes to templates and other features, but for someone who does not use Facebook, this service will be your goto.

i) Go to
ii) You can click on “Examples” if you would like to see how other users have created their template. Or you can simply click on “Create an event”.
iii) This will ask you to enter the title of the event and enter the email address where will send a confirmation code that you will have to enter the website.
iv) After everything is done, you will be taken to the event’s page. From this page, you can do all sorts of modifications to your online invitation and invite your friends and family.

One of the best features that I liked about is that it also allows its users to play secret Santa will all the invitees.


Recently  I came across this another Evite alternative “” Greenvelope is a Seattle based company. They have an easy to use interface, and you will get started in no time. You will have to sign up for a free account before you can start designing your online invitations though. You do not have to worry about providing any credit card details though.


After you’ve entered your details, the site will take you to into the interface. You will be able to select the template you want and further customize the template. The cool part is that you will also be assigned a personal event consultant. If you plan to use the free service, keep in mind that you will be able to send this invitation to only 10 of your contacts. To send it to more people, you will have to get the premium service.

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Update 2020 : With Covid-19 turnin the world upside down, Greenvelope is allowing its users to host remote celebrations. So if you are stuck at home and have any important event coming up during these different times, you might want to give Grenvelope as shot. Head over to their Virtual / Remote event area to create an invitation and invite your friends to your virtual event.


If you are looking to design a free invitation pamphlet or banner, Canva is your go-to place. You can create an outstanding professional template within minutes. You can either use Canva’s printing services to get it printed in high quality or download in high quality that you might desire. One will have to sign up for a free canva account before you can download a high-quality design file. But, it’s free folks, so there is no risk at all.


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5. Paperless Post

Paperless post is one of the best Evite alternatives out there. Unlike other services to send free online invitations, Paperless post takes it to whole another level. With Paperless, you can either send online invitations, or you can also get it printed and sent to your guests.

Paperless has over 4000 invitation design templates out of which, 1000 are free to use and send. If you want to customize the templates further, there is a small amount you need to pay. So, be it birthday invitations, wedding reception online invitations, free Evite, birthday cards, party invitations, Christmas invitations, Baby shower Evites they’ve got you covered.

To send a free online invitation, all you need to do is head over to Paperless Post’s website, design an invitation template and send the invitations. Sending the invitations online or offline is your choice.

After You send the invitations, the guests will receive the invitations in their email box. On opening the email, they will see an animation of the envelop unfolding and will also be able to RSVP the event from there. Paperless is one of the best free Evite alternatives out there.

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6. Smilebox

Smilebox, as the name suggests, is a box filled with smiles. There’s so much you can do with Smilebox, you can create colleagues, add music to your invitations and lots more. Smilebox has hundreds of ready to use templates for its users. If you belong to the new generation and do not like to email to send out the invitations, with Smilebox you can also send the invitations to your friends on Facebook.

In 2019, they’ve updated the layout, and there are thousands of free online invitation templates that you can send out. My personal favorite is the birthday Evite templates on Smilebox.


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Celebrations might not have the best-looking layout, but it has features that can satisfy every user it gets. A wide range of Online invitations to choose from, and can be customized according to your color preferences or layout. You get to choose between premium and free invitations. If you are someone not willing to invest and need a pre-made invitation card, you can get one from their free invitations section. Be it, birthdays, anniversary or parties they have what it takes to impress your invites. also provides greeting cards and announcement cards, so one of the best Evite alternatives for you will be

Sorry, has moved on and is now more of an e-commerce store. Using celebrations, one can send gifts to their loved ones on any special occasion.


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Another fantastic free online invitations and greeting cards provider is A first-time user will be impressed with the layout of the website, a well-managed interface to guide you with your needs. A party planner to help you throw a party that everyone will remember, a wide range of digital greeting cards to impress your loved ones and the online invitations of course. Punchbowl also helps you manage the essentials of the event you are managing, taking care of the catering, artists, entertainers, flowers and everything based on the place that you live. Isn’t that great? Yes, if you are planning a party, you should check out what they must offer. Be it birthdays, holidays, or any other occasions, find the right greeting for them, and now you can also send a lovely gift with your Ecard. Check them out at

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Punchbowl is one of the most reliable alternatives to Evite. Punchbowl’s free to download mobile app gives an edge over its other free online invitations and RSVP services. With punchbowl’s app you can create, edit and send out invitations to your loved ones and its push notification system makes it easier to keep track of all the invitees and RSVP.


Over to you Evite :D.


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Purpletrail is all about getting the design that you dreamt of and get it to the ones you love at the right time.


Fully customizable cards to choose for almost any occasion like graduations, baby shower, parties, Christmas and the professional delivery system might make it one of the best Evite alternative.

I liked it’s plain and simple to use interface, with everything categorized to help you find the right card. You may send it to your friends online for free, print it and get it delivered via FedEx.

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10. Facebook

Why Facebook? You might brainstorm like me initially. Facebook is the largest social networking sites online, and I guess if not all, most of our friends are active on Facebook at least once a day. So, it is a lot easier to get in touch with them and invite them personally through group messages or creating an RSVP instead. Where this idea might not be quite fruitful is that you will not be flaunting, a fancy looking invitation card, isn’t it? Well, in that case, create an RSVP now and invite all your friends and in your leisure, create an online invitation and later post its link or just a screenshot of it’s on the RSVP’s wall. Isn’t that plain, simple yet effective?

Do I Have To Take You There??? 😀


I like Anyvite’s interface, a simple, clean design with high-class functionality. Easy to use tools, choose a design > Enter Details > Invite Guests and Send IT. It’s as simple as that. You can get Anyvite on your mobile phone and keep in track of your invitations. This Evite alternative is way ahead of Evite and should be ahead in your preferences for choosing and sending an online invitation.

We would suggest Anyvite update their website’s layout if it aims at competing with other Evite alternatives. Even though the site serves its primary goal, users would instead use other websites that have a user-friendly design and lots of other useful features.


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Our Verdict

Do you like these Free Evite alternatives? Which online invitations sending service do you use?

Let us know which service you use to send free Evites/online invitations for birthday invitations, wedding reception online invitations, free Evite, birthday cards, party invitations, Christmas invitations, Baby shower Evites, etc.

Punchbowl and Paperless Post are two of our favorite Evite alternative / Crusher alternatives.

Do contribute to help all the users use best services around.

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  1. Here is one more alternative to evite: It does not have so much functions as those you described but I as think it is most easiest: no registration, all information about party (times, lcoations, guests, gift registrty) is entered on one page for a few minutes and that’s it, you can send email invitations with links to newly created webpage for a party.

  2. Nice list! I would like to share one more alternative to send free online invitations: We can easily customize invitations with videos & pictures. One can create multiple events in one invite & easy to manage guests RSVP details for number of events. Using this first time user can send free video invitations up to 25 guests.


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