Spend Bill Gates Money Game – What’s The Craze?

Spend bill gates money game, the title explains itself what it actually is. It’s a simple mobile game that allows you to spend bill gates money as you own it. I played it too, and here’s what I think about it.

What is Spend Bill Gates Money Game Actually?

A web app/game developed by Neal Agarwal that lets you spend 100 Billion dollars on a bunch of items that are available in the game. And no, I did not find a shipping section. All you can do is buy as much stuff you want, which ranges from an NBA Team, Cruise Ship, Skyscrapper, or a Big Mac. As you continue to purchase more items, the total sum of the amount decreases gradually.

Nothing fancy when it comes to the UI or the overall experience. The UI for the web app and the phone is pretty much the same. However, on the mobile app, you only have 60 seconds to spend all that money. There is nothing to win, no records to smash expect for your previous best record of spending 100 Billion on

The app is only available for android users, if you are reading this on an iPhone or an iOS device, your best bet is to use the online web version of the game.

It lets you have a taste of what it feels to have billions of dollars to spend. Well, it’s not quite easy unless you just want to buy few NBA teams and nothing else 😀 . You can see in the screenshot below, by spending 100 Billion dollars I get to keep all the following stuffs.


If you would like to try it out yourself, head over to neal.fun and spend that bill gates money on products that have always dreamt of purchasing. Yes, you only own it virtually until you refresh the page.

What else?

Like the website’s name suggests neal.fun, there are other games and apps that you can play and use on the website. I’ve listed some of my favorites below.

  • Conquer the world: I really like the idea behind this one. You click on the countries you have visited and depending upon that, the app gives you lots of different information for e.g, the total population of the countries that you’ve visited, that amount of milk produced there, world cups won by the countries and much more. The accuracy behind the information however is unknown.
  • Life Stats: Life stats give you a report of a bunch of different things that have happened since you were born. You simply enter your birth date, and the app tells you how many days have you been alive for, how many RBC has your body produced since then, or how much has the CO2 percentage increased since your birth. It’s quite cool, you have to try it.

So,headover to neal.fun and see all the games and apps on the website that you can use for free.

Let me know your favorites in the comment section below.

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