How To Change Default Font Size In Outlook Email

Outlook is part of Microsoft’s Office 365 application package. It’s used in most of the big organizations that use Microsoft as their SAAS provider. For anyone not familiar with the application and are used to online mail clients like Hotmail, Gmail, you might be overwhelmed by the options in the app. This article aims to help you change the default font size in Outlook and troubleshoot font size too small in outlook issues.

First, I’ll guide you on how to change the default font size in outlook. Later we will look into some of the ways to troubleshoot if your font size in outlook is still small even though you change the default font size of the application.

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Change Default Font Size In Outlook

  1. In Outlook, click on File > Options.
  2. On the left-hand side find “Option” and click on it. Its usually under “General”.
  3. Find “Stationery and Fonts” and click to open it.
  4. You will see three different buttons named “Font”. Click on the “Font” that will open a new window box and you can see the options to change the default font, size, color, font style e.t.c. Set the font size to the one that you desire.
    You will see three different options to choose from.
    i) New mail messages: This changes the font size for every new email that you send from your account.
    ii) Reply or forwarding messages: This option changes the font settings for any email replies or emails that you forward to other email addresses.
    iii) Composing and reading plain text messages: This option changes that default font settings for all the incoming text emails.
  5. Once you have changed the default font size for the type of email, save it and close it.
  6. You might need to restart outlook for this to take effect. So, simply close the application and open it again.

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How To Change The Default Font Size For New Emails in Outlook

To change the default font size for new email you should click on the font button just under “New mail Messages“.

How To Change The Default Font Size For All Emails in Outlook

There is no one-click button to change the font size for everything in Outlook. The simple reason behind it is most of the organizations have a standard when it comes to the formatting and font settings of the email sent throughout the organizations. We have a workaround if you need a bigger font size, you can achieve that without changing the font size which I have explained in this post towards the end.

To change the default font size for all the incoming emails so that it’s easier for you to read, change the font settings under “Composing and reading plain text messages”.

Make Fonts Bigger Without Changing Font Size In Outlook

Like I mentioned earlier, font size and font type have to maintain certain standards in most of the organizations. Even for personal use, you might feel comfortable reading font size 22, Roboto Condensed. For the receiver Font size 22 might be overwhelming, so what do u do in this case? How can you make fonts in outlook big for yourself only? You use Outlook’s Zoom option. 

Changing Zoom Settings For Reading Emails


On the main page, if you look in the bottom right corner you will see a zoom slider. Use the “+” sign to zoom in and “-” to make the received emails bigger or smaller.

Change Zoom Settings For Writing New Emails

To change the zoom setting for writing new emails, open “New Email”. Under the taskbar find, “Format Text”. On the far right, look for a Zoom option and click on it. Now select the level of zoom you would want. 100% being the normal or default zoom settings, either increase or decrease the zoom settings according to your preference.

That’s how you can change the default font size in Outlook emails. If you have any queries, please leave it in the comments below.

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  1. I want to change the font on all emails, but when I click on “new mail or reply/fwd” font, nothing happens. I can only change the font on “compose”. How can I do this, I’ve gone to help and there’s nothing that gives me the answer.

  2. Hi I need help reducing the size of the folders shown in the side panel, it takes way to long to scroll over all folders in my inbox

    Please advise


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