Make USB Bootable : Windows 8/7, XP, Linux/Ubuntu

Gone are the days when we had to wait long hours to boot our PC or install a new OS. Its easy to make USB bootable and install a new version of OS that we want or run a live version of the OS directly from the USB without installing. 
Usb drives are the most famous data storage medium nowadays as they are cheap, reliable, portable and provide enough storage capacity for most of our data and files. Installing windows have also been a much easier task and with DVD/CD drives being skipped nowadays, all of us should know how to make USB bootable and use them.
We’ll be discussing on making bootable USB with Windows 8/7, XP and Linux. We’ve chosen these three OS because these are the most widely used and needed OS in our daily life. Though Linux might not be your cup of tea, but its good to know how to make one. So, let get started and we’ll creating a bootable USB for windows 10/8/7 first.

Make USB Bootable : Windows 10, 8/7 , XP and Linux

1. Creating A Bootable Windows 10,8/7 USB

To create a bootable USB for windows 10,8/7, you can use any two apps that we recommend. You might either use “Novicorp WinToFlash” because its simple and easy to use or you could use the app provided by Microsoft i.e the “Windows USB Tool”.
You can get these tools from here. WinToFlashWindows USB Tool.
We’ll be using the USB Tool in the following tutorial but we’ll explain how to use the “WinToFlash” as well later on.
  • When you open up the USB Tool installer if you see the the windows as in the screenshot then .NET Framework is not installed on your system. You’ll net that to run the app.You can simply continue from there and download it, or you can download a setup file for the .NET Framework from here.
  • After you’ve downloaded and installed the framework and the USB Tool, open the app right from your desktop.
  • Now select the ISO and the USB device and click on “Begin copying”. 
After it completes, reboot and install windows from the USB. Confused? Read the article by Microsoft.

2. Creating Bootable USB For Windows XP

Though most of us have moved on from XP, still there are a lot of users still using windows XP and so this tutorial might come in handy for all those users.
  • You’ll need a Windows XP ISO file or a windows XP CD/DVD will do. 
  • If you have a ISO file, extract it into a folder that you will remember later on and if you have a CD/DVD then copy all its content and paste it into a folder somewhere.
You most probably already have to WinToFlash installer as explained above, if not here’s the link.
  • When you open up the app, just follow the simple steps and continue.It’ll prompt “Getting ads from server” if you’re not connected to Internet still no problem, the app will run fine.
  •  Now, click on “Windows Setup Transfer Wizard” and hit the next button.
  • The app will no ask you for installation files and the drive to make USB bootable.
  • Select the drive and the installation folder and click on next and let the app do its work.
After it has successfully completed you are good to go.

3. Make USB Bootable With Linux OS

This tutorials complies with all Linux, Unix or Ubuntu OS. You’ll need a small program called Unetbootin and the ISO of the Linux/ Ubuntu version that you make USB bootable with.
Get Unetbootin from here
  • Now that you have downloaded Unetbootin, open it up. You do not need to install it, it runs directly.
  • You’ll be provided two different options, either to download the ISO of your choice from the huge list given or simply choose your desired ISO and create a Linux bootable usb from it
  • You can select the ISO and the usb drive as shown in the figure below and wait for the process to complete.
Once its complete, you’ll be able to boot Linux directly from USB.


These are some of the best way to make usb bootable with any OS you want. These apps have been tested and mostly used by us so, you can use these apps to make usb bootable without any risk. 
How did you create bootable USB for windows or Linux before? Do Leave Your Feedback..

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