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Are you in search of the best online JavaScript editor to try your creativeness? From past till now, many programming languages have been introduced. There are more than 500 programming languages that are used to accomplish any particular task on the computer.

Among all the different programming languages, JavaScript is one of them. If you look for the top 5 best programming languages globally, then on every website, you will see JavaScript’s name.


So, why JavaScript is so popular? In this article, we will provide you some basic knowledge about JavaScript. Most importantly, we will demonstrate how to edit JavaScript in both Windows and Mac without downloading any external tools.

Top 5 Best Online JavaScript Editor

Following given are some of the best online JavaScript editors for windows.

1.JS Bin

JS Bin is one of the very few open paste bins in your browser, with the output made live and usable for sharing and editing with the finished output. All the features of JS Bin are free to use.

JS Bin is a shared debugging platform for JavaScript. It allows JavaScript and HTML to be modified and checked. You might as well save and submit the URL for analysis or assistance to a friend until you’re satisfied. If required, they may then make more adjustments to save again.

To use JS Bin, click here.

CodePen is the browser’s HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file editor, with quick samples of the code you see and write. It is the easiest place to build, analyze, and explore front-end programming. For front-end designers and engineers, CodePen is a social software environment.

CodePen has an entire range of snippets of important and valuable code that will ease your project design. CodePen also acts as a forum where developers can play with and evaluate their projects. The freedom to adjust and edit public pens gives developers and programmers a rare chance to expand their coding skills.

In short, CodePen is the place to go if you are searching for a perfect destination to discover new instruments and ideas.

To use CodePen, click here.


Many of us don’t know about JSFiddle, but it is one of the best online editing tools that allows us to modify and test the code written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. It can incorporate tools for customization and the fact that you can seamlessly use JavaScript frameworks and other functions.

The web interface has undergone many updates over years of work to make it more user-friendly. Also, you can save your job and share a special URL with it. It also provides the proper support for Git.

The integration of code samples into posts, the opportunity to communicate across social networks and work on programming together is one of the popular uses of JSFiddle.

To use JSFiddle, click here.


CodeEnvy is an environment for cloud-based production that provides a one-click Docker environment. You can use any programming language supported by the development framework since this is a cloud-based development environment. Cloud-based editors have greater control of your job in the era of mobility.

Like much another code editor, it also allows you to collaborate with your team to build any project. It also offers up to 3 GB of free RAM to run and check the code on a single or two machines on various software arrays.

To use Codenvy, click here.


Koding is an online programming environment that helps online software developers to program and collaborate. It is something more than a basic JavaScript editor online. With Koding, developers can use their browser-based IDE and terminal to code online.

You are equipped with a virtual computer for your creative purposes after you sign up. The GUI is well-designed and tidy. As far as the diversity goes, these are some of the nicest growth conditions I’ve seen.

To use Koding, click here.

JavaScript Overview

JavaScript is one of the most popular computer programming languages used to build interactive and dynamic websites. It is lightweight and most frequently used as part of web projects whose interfaces allow the user to communicate with the client-side script and build dynamic pages.

When coupled with Node.js, programmers can use JavaScript to create web content from the server before submitting a page to the browser that can be used to construct games and collaboration apps that run directly on the browser.  

JavaScript has grown very much because of its amazing features and functionalities. Here are some of the reasons why you should use JavaScript.

  • JavaScript helps to make the website more interactive and user friendly
  • It helps to create various web and mobile application
  • For creating fast and scalable network apps, Node JS is based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime
  • Various web servers can be created using JavaScript
  • It has become easier to use HTML5 to draw graphics in JavaScript on a web page

Advantages of using online JavaScript Editor

You can play with JavaScript with some great online tools that do not require any physical downloads. Here are some of the advantages of an online JavaScript editor.

  • In online JavaScript editors, you can function smoothly with the LIVE preview option available
  • It does not require any external download and installation
  • They even come with help for Git so that you can pass around the code
  • You can easily save your code and share it with multiple users through a unique URL
  • It is simple and satisfying to explore

The Takeaway

These are some of the best online JavaScript editors for both Windows and Mac. None of those mentioned above editors requires additional installation. If you are short of storage or just looking to experiment with different languages, you can use an online editor.

If you have any queries regarding any editor, then let us know in the comment section. We will try to answer all your queries as soon as possible.

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