Winrar For Mac OS Download With Best Alternatives Like Unarchiever

WinRAR for Mac Os is available as a freeware. If you have recently installed mac OS on your PC or got a new Mac and want to extract RAR files, then this tutorial is for you. Most of the users that switch to Mac Os find it difficult to find the correct application that supports a definite file format. They also cannot find the right place to get that application from and moreover cannot install it properly from a installer file.

Winrar For Mac OS : Downloading And Installing

WinRAR Mac Os version can be downloaded from rarlab for free and installed from the terminal easily. For a novice user installing applications from the terminal can be a bit of challenge.

So this tutorial is dedicated to all the users that want to download and install WinRAR for Mac OS to be able to extract RAR files.

Downloading the winrar For mac os installer

To download the installer file goto : RAR 5.01 for Mac OS X

Now lets get into installing it on your Mac ,

Open up the terminal located at /Applications/utilities

Navigate to the rar folder that you just downloaded. Use CD command to change directories. For eg to go to directory “rar” and it’s located at desktop/rar, type in the command as : cd  /desktop/rar

Once you are inside the folder, use the following command to get the installation started.

sudo install -c -o $USER unrar /bin

Now to install rar use the following command.

sudo install -c -o $USER rar /bin

To test whether the installation was successful or not, use the following command,


So that’s it , if you have completed all the above mentioned steps carefully you should now be able to use winrar on your Mac Os and extract rar files.

WinRAR For Mac OS Alternative

If you do not want to get you hands dirty and installing winrar from the terminal, there’s another best solution to this. A free application “Unarchiever” fulfills all of your archiving necessity and moreover this application is free and you need not pay a single buck to download and use it.

To download “Unarchiever”

goto : Unarchiever Download Page

Hope now you will be able  to extract rar files on your mac OS . Using WinRAR for mac OS or the alternative app “unarchiever”. If you come across any obstacles while getting along our tutorials, feel free to contact us or leave feedback in the comments section below.

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