How To Block Websites On Macbook Using Screen Time?


Apple has replaced its parental controls with Screen Time and added more capabilities to the app than before. There are other third-party applications that allow you to control and block websites on MacBook as well which we will also check out in this guide. If you are a parent or just want to make sure …

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Best Methods To Recover Deleted Files in Mac OS: Top 5


On a Mac, there might be various possible ways from which you can delete your files. If you are worried about your deleted files, then don’t take much tension because, luckily, we have various methods to recover deleted files in Mac. Accidental data loss is a problem that many Mac users are familiar with. If …

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Best Virtual Machine For Mac / Windows

Windows operating system and Mac OS each have their own pros and cons. It is really handy to be able to keep our hands on both of the operating systems. If you are a regular user, using both the operating system simultaneously can be a hassle. Today we’ll see some of the best virtual machine …

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Why Apple Macbook 2015 Is Not For Everyone

Apple yesterday unveiled two of its most anticipated and in hype products the Apple iwatch and the “Macbook”. And there’s a lot to talk about when it comes to the macbook itself.    Apple is believed to develop products keeping liberal arts and the inspiration technology in ones life and bringing them together. This results in products …

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