Best Google Tricks Like Google Zero Gravity

Google zero gravity was one of the first tricks that we saw from Google, after that lots and lots of tricks and joined the fun. Not most of us still know about the Google tricks and use Google as a search engine only.

Today we’ll be discussing some of the best, and cool Google tricks like Google zero gravity, let me Google that for you, etc. Please let me know what’s your favorite in the comments section down below.

Google Zero Gravity And Other Cool Tricks

1. Google zero gravity

First on the list is the gravity trick in Google. From the name itself, one can imagine how this trick works. In this prank, you’ll see gravity pull everything at the bottom of the Google search screen, i.e. the Google logo, search bar, and other quick links fall apart as if attracted by the gravitational force.


2. Let Me Google That For You

LMGTFY is another not that funny but useful tool. You can help your friends by googling something for them. How this works is you need to go to the website and enter a search term that you want to help being searched for your friend, and then it will provide a short URL that you can send it to your friends. And after he/she opens up the link, it will automatically go to Google and search for the keyword that you entered earlier.


3. Google Pacman

Are you a big fan of Pacman? Then you can play Pacman on Google as well. On a boring or a busy day, you can refresh yourself a bit by quickly playing some Pacman easily.


4. Google Barrel Roll

Another neat trick is the Google barrel roll. Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” and you will see Google doing a barrel roll.


5. Google Tilt Or Skew

This is not much re-know as other tricks mentioned above, what this trick does is it tilts the Google search window a little bit on the right side. To see this trick in action, search for “tilt” or “skew” in the search bar and see the magic.


6. Google MentaPlex

One of the oldest prank from Google. It was first seen on April fool day in 2000. This prank convinced users to think about what they want to search and then concentrate on a colored wheel on the screen. Most of the users though this might work and fell for the prank.


7. Google Sphere

Google sphere is one of the fascinating tricks from Google. What you’ll see is a Google search window, and a sphere made up of links that used to be on your Google homes screen with the Google logo in the center. You can also move the cursor to change the sphere’s rotating direction.


8. God On Google

This image was taken by Google earth in 2010, a blurry image of a huge being or an object that was crossing a mountain zone in Switzerland, this create hype among all the users all around the world and people went crazy about what this thing could be, but no one knows what this is or where it came from and why!


9. Atari Breakout

Remember the old brick breaker type game; actually that was one of the first computer games ever made. You can play that on Google itself. To try it, open up and search for ” Atari Breakout” and click on the image tab. Now, the game should start.



Well, this basically can be called the collection of some of the best google tricks or under the hood fun apps that Google has. The name is simply the company’s name itself spelled backward and can be accessed by the URL Once you get there, you will see nine other tricks or fun apps that you can use. Some of them to name are:

Google Guitar: Do not forget to check the already mentioned tones under the search bar; they are pretty cool.

Google Underwater

Google Mirror

Snake Game

Bing Mirror

Ip Location etc.

These are eight cool Google tricks that we loved the most (Google Zero Gravity Prank being our favorite), which one if your favorite? Do not forget to share any trick that you think I missed. Feedback appreciated!

Prajwal is a senior editor @Windowslovers. A Tech enthusiast who loves to read and write articles that aid users in getting the most out of their gadgets and tech it easy.

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