Samsung Galaxy S5 Honest Review

Samsung galaxy S5 was the previous flagship phone from Samsung. Though Samsung was not able to break records in the sales department like the S4, it still did a pretty good business overall. Most of us misunderstood the fact that Samsung Galaxy s4 was the first of its kind and packed in some of the new features that were never introduced in the smartphone market. That was the main reason that all of the consumers went crazy over the phone and the phone well, pretty much lived up to everyone’s expectations.

So, Samsung Galaxy S5 is definitely the successor to S4 but still it packs a lot of good features and optimization/customization over S4 and brings along all the best features that were first introduced with the Galaxy S4. One of the main reasons was that people were still in love with their S4 and did not want to move on to the updated flagship for the sake of some added features.

Everyone has to make a wise decision that solely depends on one’s personal perspective and expectations from a device.


I have been using Samsung Galaxy S5 for more than 6 months now and should say I am satisfied with the phone. Maybe i do not spend too much time on my phone, so I have not yet made the most out of it but yes, I will recommend this phone to anyone looking for a decent phone that packs in all the latest and required features.

Things I Like about Samsung Galaxy S5

So, there are lots of awesome features and services to talk when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S5, but I have some of my personal favorites.

  • The first has to be the Ultra power saving mode. Though this device is a beast when it comes to powering up the device, I am pretty lazy to put my phone charge every night. So, Samsung s5 gives me a pretty decent standby time and should say with a normal use the phone lasts me 2-3 days without charger. And if I am using the phone on Ultra Power saving mode, it nearly doubles the standby time. So that’s really great.What-can-Ultra-Power-Saving-Mode-in-the-Samsung-Galaxy-S5-do-for-you-Watch-this
  • Another thing that I like about Samsung Galaxy S5 is speed, it works like a charm. Though I have hardly noticed any lag (except the phone hanged about couple of times). Except that the phone has delivered a decent experience when it comes to daily use.
  • If you want a really good camera that you can rely on, on a phone Samsung galaxy s5 is the phone for you. The phone rocks a 16 MP camera on the back and a 2 mp on the front. The video quality on the phone is phenomenal and with the right use of manual focus you can record ever lasting memories with this phone.

Now lets talk about the things that I do not like about Samsung Galaxy s5 or some of the areas that need improvement.

  • First thing when it comes to Samsung devices for me, will be the UI. I hate Samsung’s touch wiz and that was the only reason i always avoided samsung’s android phone. Because I like the feel of stock android or anything near to that and Samsung’s touch UI doesn’t seem to enhance user experience at all.
  • The phone has a plastic body and for me, its one of the major down side of the phone. Because I like to get a premium feel when I hold a device or a gadget on my hand. But, Samsung’s galaxy S6’s plastic body does not feel that great. But do not get me wrong, I am not saying that the phone feels cheap and disgusting but just that it could have been much better.
  • I am a music lover and have my phone loaded with all of my best music collections. Listening music on the headphones is practically impossible all the time, so I like to play music on my phone’s speaker and that’s when the phone sucks big time. The speaker is a the back and I have to flip the phone upside down to get a clear audio. It is fine when I am listening to music but when I grab my phone to watch a YouTube video or a movie without a headphone, it is not a good time at all. samsung-galaxy-s5-back-speaker

So,  after using Samsung Galaxy S5 for more than 6 months and despite all of the above mentioned bad aspects of the phone I will still recommend this phone to choose as your daily driver.

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