Windows XP SP3 Download Or Update Installation

windows-xp-sp3-download-update-installationMicrosoft Windows XP is still the most used operating system among all the other OS. Windows XP service pack 3 is the most updated and latest version one can find under windows XP. Though Microsoft have brought great OS like windows 7 or 8, still there are lots of users that use and enjoy windows XP.
Upgrading or updating windows xp to windows XP Sp3 does not require that much of effort. You do not require geeky skills to update/upgrade to windows xp SP3. 

Upgrading To Windows XP SP3

Before updating to windows xp service pack 3 you will need the following stuffs:
  • A installed and well functioning windows xp system.
  • A internet connection .
  • About 2 GB of hard drive space.
Though you can directly download a sp3 installation ISO or get one from a store, we’ll be discussing how to upgrade your current system to service pack 3 while keeping all your files and folders intact. 
This is a simple two steps process, all you need to do is download the update installation file and install it. After the installation completes you need to restart your system and you are all set to use your updated operating system.
The Process: 
  • Download the update installer from here. This is a download from Microsoft’s site so should provide you good download speed.
  • After the download completes, simply open up the installer. 
  • You should see a windows as seen below, lick continue as required.
  • The updater takes some time depending upon your system’s hardware configuration and specs.
  • Donot panic, it might seem to be not working but it actually is.
Once the XP SP3 update installation has been completed and the PC has been succesfully restarted you will be logged into the upgraded OS. Though you might not see a vast difference on the UI but various components have been updated and added if not available before.

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