What Is The Best Smartphone And The Dream Smartphone

Well, what is the best smartphone?, this question is going to be a tough one for all the tech geeks and gadgets enthusiasts all around the world and really it should be. All the smartphone company’s are trying to give their 100% and get the best device every made, each year they launch different flagship phones and boy isn’t it hard to decide which phone to pick.

Smartphone market is being crowded these days, though there are different streams of users like android users, iOs users, windows phone user and also normal phone users like Nokia’s S40 or S60 devices. But still they all contrast with each other when choosing the devices with the best specs and performances.

Not everyone is behind the same thing when choosing a smartphone. Some of us might want to have a better camera, some might want a device with better performance and some might want both so, this is a never ending debate.

What is the best smartphone !!

If you ask a person who has been in this filed for very long that, ” What is the best smartphone”,  he will tell you the same thing. He will ask you to determine your needs from a smartphone and then look for a smartphone that will be the best in fulfilling your needs.

But, still there are some phones that have the best features and outstanding capabilities that were just a imagination in the past.

( These phones have been randomly listed and are not put according to any rankings or what soever.)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 / Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung galaxy note 4  / Note Edge are the latest flagship phones from Samsung. With these two phones, Samsung steps into the future of more advanced and sophisticated smartphones. These phones are a beast when it comes to performance and design as well. So, if you are behind a phone that runs android OS, has a high end camera, really good processing capacity, this might be the best smartphone for you.

iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus


Apple is well known for best build quality and high class user experience. But, with the launch of iPhone 6/ 6 plus it had to face the consequnces of the phone bending at really unreal circumstances and was called the bend gate, but still the new features, design and most importantly the expanded internal storage of 128 GB and minimum of 34 GB this phone out rules and flaws that it has or in some cases was made to have those flaws. This is also one of the best smartphone of 2014.

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The Dream Smartphone

Having said that, recently MKBHD and the verge in collaboration looked into a dream phone that one can have with the most high end features and parts that are available across all the smartphones in the world.

So, always before ask yourself what is the best smartphone for yourself and look for the best device that suits you.

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