Vipre Rescue : Recover Your PC From Viruses Completely

Vipre Rescue is a freely available tool from Vipre. What Vipre Rescue actually does is it removes malwares, adwares, viruses, rootkit,bootkit from the files/applications and also from the MBR (Masterboot Record). 

When your computer is severely affected by different types of harmful viruses, malwares, adwares , that your antivirus software (Vipre Antivirus) is turned off and cannot remove or disinfect any of the files. Then Vipre Rescue helps you to remove all or most of the viruses from your system and re-enables the virus protection software.

So, Vipre Rescue can prove really handy to those who might have to format their operating system to get everything back to normal and the best part is Vipre Rescue is free to download and doesnot require high end configuration on the PC to install and run.

How To Use Vipre Rescue 

Downloading, installing and using the rescue application is not that difficult and you donot have to a geeky nerd to get you computer back to normal. All you need to do is follow the instructions explained below and you should be fine.
Note: Its recommended to download the rescue app everytime you use it because the software is updated with latest virus definitions as necessary. So, for the best detection of all the latest viruses, malwares or adwares its better to download a new copy of Vipre Rescue. 
  • First goto the link : and download the VIPRE RESCUE application.  
  • If you think doubt that the file you download from the website might get infected from your PC, download it from another PC.
  • Send the exe file to a USB.
  • Restart your PC and switch to safe mode.
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  • Run the file named as “viprerescue38388.exe” from the USB drive after you log in into the SafeMode.
  • You should be prompted to select a unzip location, after you’ve entered that click on Unzip.
  • After everything is done, a CMD screen should pop up and you should see a list of files that have been or are being scanned.
  • The files names or the links that are red in colour are the infected ones and were successfully disinfected by Vipre Rescue. 
After everything is done , normally restart your PC and log into windows. Try and see if the antivirus software works and you are able to scan the files and apps. If it does, update the application with the most recent update definitions and give your PC a Deep Scan. 
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If you are not satisfied with the way your PC works after the scan, we recommend you do a fresh install of windows and start fresh.
Hope this article helped you to recover your PC and saved your from losing all you documents and settings by doing a fresh install. 
Hope this helps. Feedback appreciated. 
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