Vipre Rescue Download: Why It’s The Best Antivirus For 2021

Vipre Rescue or Vipre Antivirus protection is a product that belongs to j2 Global which is a pioneer in developing cybersecurity products of all kinds. They are well known in all areas of online/offline security, their products ranging from Antivirus, Malware detection, email protection, and other advanced threat intelligence applications.

This article aims to dive deeper and look at why this is so popular among corporations and also lots of US home users. What actually makes Vipre antivirus one of the most trusted and best antivirus software of 2021.

Before getting into the bells and whistles, a little background about the company.

Who Is Vipre, Is Vipre Internet Security Good?

Malware, adware, and malicious applications are the major causes that slow down your computer, clearing these can speed up your Windows system drastically. Vipre is a cybersecurity company that is a part of j2 Global. Initially started as Vipre Security in 1994 by Sunbelt Software, it merged with Fusemail in May 2019 and renamed itself Vipre Email security. Sunbelt Software was acquired by GFI software later on and eventually became their trademark software.


If you are familiar with the name “ThreatTrack Security”, it was replaced by Vipre completely and all the previous users were given a choice to upgrade to Vipre after the company’s complete rebrand.

Vipre provides word class, top-notch computer security products for corporate and home users. Vipre Security Group also operates under lots of different brands such as VIPRE, IPVanish. LiveValut and much more.

Vipre Antivirus & Vipre Internet Security Solutions: Standout Accomplishments

Even though you may not have heard about Vipre Antivirus or Vipre Rescue much, they have some of the best industry recognition and accomplishments that other antivirus.

  • 30+ years of experience in malware protection
  • Plethora of other cybersecurity products such as IPvanish, Stron VPN, KeepItSafe
  • Free, US-based support
  • Cloud-enabled products
  • Numerous awards and certification to backup their claims(check links for reference)

Personal Experience Using Vipre Advanced Security

I use Vipre Advanced security as it has few extra features over Vipre Antivirus Plus. You do pay around $20 more for the Advanced security but it is worth every cent.

If I had to sum up why I think Vipre Antivirus or the internet security is the best antivirus software of 2021, it would be as following:

  • Packed with all the features to keep your system safe offline and online while being really cheap as compared to other antivirus
  • Does not consume too much of your system resources. Fast, light and efffective
  • Build by a team that has 30+ years of expertise in cyber security and building cybersecurity products
  • Free round the clock US-based support for any of your queries and issues
  • Awarded by multiple reuptable organisations such as av-test, av-comparatives, Virusbulletin and many more
  • Advanced firewall system that requires minimal setup and intercation to make sure you are safe from any external threats on the internet

Since the pandemic most of us have been working remotely at our home setup, so Vipre advanced security can come in really handy protecting your personal PC when working online or just browsing the internet.

I have used Kaspersky, Mcaffee, Eset, and a bunch of other antivirus software in the past. All of these antivirus work differently and one would have flaws over the other. Some of them were very clanky and slowed down the system, while others had 10 extra plugins on top of the antivirus software itself.

Pros and Cons Of Vipre Advanced Security

Does not use too many system resourcesLack of mobile phone support
Affordable as compared to its competitors
No live chat option, phone call, email, or ticket system is available
Easy to use and user-friendly UImacOS version has limited features(which is more than enough since macs are much safer compared to windows)
Superior anti-phishing capability to prevent you from getting scammed online/offline
Scan option for almost all areas of your operating system
Built-in ransomware protection(Protect your online funds)

Vipre Antivirus Download | Vipre Rescue Download

Even though Vipre does provide a free 30 days trial for all of its products. So if you would like to try it out before purchasing a license, you can do so using this link.

For a limited time, readers get a 70% Discount on their first month. This is a no-brainer, so make sure you make full use of this opportunity.

But if you are looking to get a free trial before purchasing the antivirus, do the following.

Go to Vipre’s download page for trial products and download the product that you are looking to try out.

Install the application, the installer always downloads the latest version of the product.

When asked for a product key, just click on continue and you get a free 30 day trial of the product.

Let me know what do you think about Vipre if you decide to give it a go. Hopefully, you were able to find the Vipre Antivirus Download link on the trial page, if not leave a comment and I can help you out.

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