5 Best Photo Editing Software For Windows

Looking for the best free photo editing software for windows? Well, we’ve tried to list some of the best and free photo editing software that should fulfill all of your editing needs.

Free Photo Editing Software : Top 5

PhoXo is one of the most widely used and oldest application around. It suits for all kinds of users from adults to the kids. Best effects, clip arts, and other fantastic features like adding watermark to the whole folder of images adds up the spice as well. This application has been trusted for 10 years now and still being one of the best free photo editing software around. Download it and try it for yourself.
Though on might not be that quite impressed with its some how dull user interface, its regular use will explore all its capabilities and splendid features. One can play around with layers and perform quick color correction and also a scripting tool that allows you to automate the task of editing large no of images with a single click.
A magic effects tools allows you to add fireworks, stardust or bubbles to your image and bring out a whole new level of attraction in your image.
Photoscape might not be the right choice for you if you love to work around with layers and complex photo editing platforms. It doesn’t provide the layer support but this provides all the necessary features, tools and effects for those less geeky people looking to touch up their pictures before uploading or printing them.
Hundreds of clip arts that can be added to your photo and mind blowing effects that can be further customized and configured according to your needs.
Most of the Linux/Unix user should have heard about gimp. Gimp is also available for windows and also with all the features that it provides on Linux. Often called as the free version of Photoshop, it has proved itself to be called as free Photoshop. Though one might not receive frequent and quick updates, users don’t seem to be reporting about much errors and love to use Gimp on windows.
paint.net-free-photo-editing-softwareAnd last but not the least on our top 5 list of free photo editing software is paint.net. Though it might not possess much power as gimp but still proves to be one of the best among other free apps with layer support, fantastic tools and some excellent special effects. Paint.net supports plugins and you can manipulate the image the way you want on windows.
The best part is that you can work great with your effects and create stunning images though you might be a graphics novice.
These are the 5 best free photo editing software for windows. You can download all these applications from the download link provided above and do not forget to provide feedback in the comments below. Which editing software do you use?


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