This Copy Of Windows Is Not Genuine

Do you still use windows 7 or windows XP and are getting this copy of windows is not genuine error?

If you are using a pirated or free version of windows, I recommend you to go and get a genuine copy of windows from Microsoft. You can also use Linux, UNIX or other free open source operating system you like.

But if you have purchased a full version windows and activated the system too, but for some reasons you are still getting the this copy of windows is not genuine error, keep reading.

Fix 1: CMD

  • Open CMD with administrative rights. Open start menu, search for CMD. Right click and click on “Run as an administrator”.
  • Type the following code as exactly it is : SLMGR -REARM
  • This resets the machine’s licensing status.
  • You should see a confirmation window.
  • Restart the machine.
  • You should no longer see the error, now you can try to activate the windows.

What this will do is, this resets the window’s licensing status and you will be able to enter the product key again and activate the windows through Microsoft’s server without any problem.

However if you do not succeed to reset the license status from CMD, you should try the following.

  • Open up control panel.
  • Go to Windows Update Section.
  • Click on view installed updates.
  • After the window loads, look for KB971033.
  • Uninstall the update.
  • Now try to reset the licensing status.
  • Restart Your PC.

If you succeed, we would recommend you activate the windows straight away and then turn the automatic windows update off. Just in case, any further updates might not actually screw up your current subscription or activation status.

Other Scenarios

Sometimes you might get an error that the SLMGR is not a recognized as an internal or external command, lets see how you can try to fix it.

  • Open up C://. or your primary windows installation directory.
  • Find folder named Windows.
  • Inside the windows folder, look for System32 folder and open that.
  • Search for or find SLMGR inside system 32 and look for if the file has any other extensions. If it does, just rename it to SLMGR.vbs

Now give it another shot and see if it works.

Final Words,

This tutorial is completely dedicated to those users getting the classic this copy of windows is not genuine error even after activating their copy of windows or cannot figure out to make the activate work for some reasons.

We highly recommend you buy a genuine copy of Windows from Microsoft, if you are trying to get around their activation system. GET ONE NOW

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