How To Post To Instagram From PC

Instagram has become many people’s addiction since its launch. This addiction is not as bad as it helps you to present yourself in a new way. Many people who love photography can join this platform and become famous. Instagram is a mobile application and it has few limitations when you try to use it on a computer. You can view your Instagram profile on a computer but you cannot send a post to Instagram from PC. To send a picture to Instagram you need to use your smartphone. Here in this article, we will tell you how to send a post to Instagram from desktop PC ? There are few methods that you can use to send your images to Instagram using a computer. Here we will tell you most appropriate and hassle free tool to send an image to Instagram from Desktop PC.

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This tool is called Gramblr, it allows you to send your images to your Instagram profile. This tool not just help you to post images but also help you to edit them and applying some filters. You can also use its scheduling option to schedule posts to Instagram from PC. However, to do this your PC must be turned on. We will talk about this feature in detail during our tutorial, but first, let’s see how to send a post to Instagram from PC.

Post To Instagram From Desktop PC

  1. Step 1- First step is to download the Gramblr tool on your computer. This tool is available for both Mac and Windows platform. If you are on Windows platform Gramblr tool will be downloaded in a zip file. You need to extract this file and then install it on your computer. With this tool, you will be able to post to Instagram from Desktop PC.
  2. Step 2- The second step to send a post to Instagram from PC is to provide your login details. After installing Gramblr tool on your computer first screen will appear to provide the Sign up details. The first section of the screen asks you to provide details to register yourself on Gramblr. You need to enter your email address and password for Gramblr. The second section asks you to enter your Instagram account details (Username and Password). Enter these details and click on Sign Up button to send your post to Instagram from Desktop PC.
  3. Step 3- After Sign up to Gramblr, it will show you the first screen to upload your images. To send a post to Instagram from Desktop PC you need to click on the box and select the image you want to send to your Instagram account. Now Gramblr tool will upload the image to its internal system to process it before post to Instagram from desktop PC.
  4. Step 4- In the tutorial – how to send a post to Instagram from PC? Next step is to crop your images. You can crop and reshape your images according to your need in this step. After cropping click on Save button.
  5. Step 5- Now your image is in perfect shape. In the next step, to send a post to Instagram from PC Gramblr tool lets you apply filters and clip arts to your images. To do this click on Filters button, or if you don’t want to apply filters simply click on continue button. You can also apply Motion effect to images before sending a post to Instagram from desktop PC.
    Its also possible to apply effects, Frames, Stickers, and also can draw something on the image. You can also correct the orientation, set the focus, adjust the lighting, color, sharpness, and can apply splash effect in this section. One will find more effects when you click on the arrow. After applying filters and effects click on Save button.
    After saving your image click on Continue button to reach the final stage of sending a post to Instagram from PC.
  6. Step 6- In this step, you need to add descriptions about your image before Gramblr tool let you post to Instagram from PC. In the descriptions section add info about your image, you can also add popular hashtags to increase the visibility of your post. It also let you tag other Instagram users. After adding description you see two options about the timing of your post. If you want to send your post to Instagram from PC right now, click on Immediately option. If you want it to upload it at a particular time, click on Some Other Time option. Now, you can specify the time when you want to post to Instagram from desktop PC.

If you are scheduling your post to some other time, your computer must be on at that time in order to send a post to Instagram from PC. If your PC is in sleep mode it will awake at that time to send your post. After adding all the details click on Send button. Now your image will post to Instagram from PC. Gramblr may take few seconds to send your image to your profile. When it will successfully send your post to Instagram it will show the following message.

Sending Post To Instagram From PC

Sometimes due to some connections issue, it may not send your post and displays some error. Don’t worry simply click on send button again, it will send your post to Instagram from PC. After successfully sending my image I checked it on my Instagram profile.

Here you can see it is visible on my profile with all the details and descriptions I have added.

There are some other methods to send your post to Instagram from desktop PC. Like, using BlueStacks and Dropbox. I find Gramblr tool most effective and hassle free. BlueStacks is a heavy program which may cause your PC slow. Also, you need to download the Instagram application to the BlueStacks in order to send your post. With the Dropbox method you need to first upload your image to Dropbox account then you need to download the Dropbox application to your phone in order to send it to Instagram. The Gramblr tool is a small size (2-5MB) program and you just need to Sign up to send your images. Also, it enables you to edit your images. With Gramblr tool you can easily apply some awesome filters, add hashtags in description section, and can tag other users before sending to your Instagram account.

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