How To Copy And Paste On Chromebook


Using a Chromebook for the first time can be quite overwhelming. It’s a perfect mix between a traditional laptop and an android tablet. If you’ve been wondering how to copy and paste on Chromebook, this guide aims to help you how this is done on Chrome OS. You can copy and paste on Chromebook with …

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How To Restart A Chromebook In 3 Different Ways


Chromebooks usually are very robust and don’t need a lot of troubleshooting and fixing. Every now and then there might be some crucial updates, or your Chromebook might be in a frozen state when you need to restart your Chromebook. In this guide, I’ll guide you on how to restart Chromebook, different kinds of restarts, …

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How To Use Whatsapp On Chromebook


Chrome OS is well known for its capability to run native Android apps. All Chromebooks come with the Play store preinstalled and you can download and install all of your favorite apps and use them on your Chromebook laptop. If you are wondering how to use WhatsApp on Chromebook, there’s a couple of ways. In …

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How To Screenshot On Chromebook Like A Pro


If you’ve never used a Chromebook before and are looking to learn how to screenshot on Chromebook, this guide is for you. Chromebook’s UI does not resonate with traditional laptops or desktop computers and looks very similar to a tablet’s UI. Regardless, it is packed with tools and features that make it one of the …

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How To Type An EM Dash In Windows And Mac Applications


While creating content online or preparing your next paper, proper use of punctuation makes a huge difference. Inserting an em dash adds more emphasis on the word and can provide more clarity to the current sentence. They are the long dash and there is no dedicated key on your keyboard to insert this in your …

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Windows Snipping Tool Shortcut Creation And Guide


Windows 10 is jam-packed with lots of features and tools to make sure you get the best when it comes to productivity or getting things done. Even though Windows 11 does look like a major change, it’s mostly the UI and the UX, the core components are still almost the same until now. One of …

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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story, DM, Post?


Instagram has gained new heights after being acquired by Facebook, no doubt about that. Instagram has gone through lots of major changes when it comes to features and settings available to its users. When Instagram first brought out the “Stories” feature over from Snapchat, it also tried to release a screenshot notification feature to its …

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How To Sync Outlook Contacts With iPhone Contacts App


If you use Microsoft 365 across different devices for work or personal use, you can access and manage your contacts, calendar, and emails using any of these devices. Office 365 can be customized according to an organization’s needs as well but that can break the sync and other features of Outlook and office apps on …

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How To Change Default Font In Outlook Desktop App and Web


Outlook is hand down one of the best email platforms out there along with Gmail and other competitors. It is my default mail application for mails on my Windows 10 machine. Outlook provides a lot of features like recalling an email, changing font sizes, and autocomplete email lists. If you are bored of using default …

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How to Find IP Address of Printer On Windows


If you wish to connect your printer to your network or solve any issues, you should know how to find IP address of printer. The IP address of your printer is similar to its street address. You can’t submit print jobs to your printer or give it any other commands until you have it. The …

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How To Delete An Email Address From Outlook and Outlook Contacts


Outlook is one of the predominant mail service providers along with Gmail and other services. Its widely used in corporate environments because of its capability to centrally control and manage its usage and capabilities. Among these features is a feature to remember an email address in its cache memory. This is a step-by-step- guide on …

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How To Search For A Word On A Page or Websites


Regardless of what operating system you use or what application you are on, a search tool makes life so much simpler, doesn’t it? Even though the feature works very much the same on all of them, this guide clarifies how to search for a word on a page. If you are on a Mac or …

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