Get Kik For PC, An Online Messenger

Here’s a quick tutorial to help you to get Kik For PC, if you donot want to read the article. 

Kik might not be a online messenger that experienced the kind of success Whatsapp or Wechat were able to gain. Still, its not far behind with a satisfiable number of registered and active users, easy to use and a neat interface and great usability overall. Here’s a tutorial to download KIK for PC. You can use kik messenger online on your PC, with an emulator. If you are not looking to install it via an emulator, we’re saving the trouble of reading the upcoming posts below. 

With around 90 million people using KIK messenger, you would also try it out it on your PC/Phone. So, lets get into installing KIK for PC. You’ll require following tools/apps be fore you get on with the installation part.
  1. A PC with medium configuration to install and run android emulators on.
  2. Bluestacks Or Youwave Android Emulator. (Choice is all yours)
  3. KIK messenger .apk file. (You can skip this part, but its a lot easier if you already have the .apk with you. )
Assuming you’ve acquired all the required tools/apps, moving on with the tutorial.

Installing Kik For PC via Bluestacks Emulator

  • Install bluestacks on your PC. (Easily installable like other normal applications)
  • Run the application and hover your mouse on to the search icon on top right corner of the  bluestacks home screen and click on that.
  • Search for KIK  and press enter or on the search icon.
  • It will then search for the application on different app stores and finally give you a list of available stores and applications.
  • Click on any of the given app stores and it should now download the KIK application and install it.
  • That’s it, you have successfully installed the KIK online messenger  app on your PC.
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Installing KIK Messenger Online Via Youwave

Youwave offers much more android feel, like the home screens , swiping through menus. It feels like using a tablet on your PC. 
To install kik Messenger on your pc using the Youwave emulator :
  • Like Bluestacks you will not find  it  difficult to install  Youwave. Another best part about using  Youwave is that you get to download the full installer, but it’s only available as a  free ware for 10 days. 
  • To install kik using the  apk file, first you should copy the  apk file into  folder   :
c:users”your username”youwaveandroid apps
  • After  that open  Youwave and when the home screen loads, navigate to top menu and under “View” Tab, find “Redraw Icons”. You should see a KIK messenger icon on the left side panel.
  • Double click on the icon and its shall start the processing of your app(see the progress bar on the top right side). Its basically installing the app.
  • After the loading has been successfully completed, you should be presented with KIK’s home screen or the dashboard. 
  • Enter your login credentials or sign up for an account.

Get Kik For PC without Bluestacks 

Ok, if bluestacks is not supported on your PC and having bad luck installing kik messenger on your PC using the youwave emulator, there is another way to get kik for pc.
You can use a software called Andy.
Andy is like bluestacks and Youwave, it is an android emulator.
  1. Download and install Andy first.
  2. After you have installed Andy on your PC, open it up and goto the app store.
  3. Search for KIK and install it, the installation is the same as you download and install and app on your any android device.
  4. After thats done, open KIK and login with your login credentials. 
Our Take :
We also quite kinda liked the app for its simplicity and great usability.
  • Its free to use and easy to install.
  • Does not require a phone number for registration.
  • Fast and Rich user experience.
So, that’s how you can get Kik for PC. Share this tutorial with your friends if you find it useful.

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