How To Unlock Android Phone and Tablets

how-to-unlock-android-phoneSecurity has always been the major issue for any mobile phone users, whether it be android, ios or any other platforms. That’s why there are multiple ways to lock your android phone or tablets. 

But what if you forget the passcode to unlock your phone, how to unlock android phone that you forgot the passcode or the pattern combination for. 

In this post we’ll try to get into the best ways one can recover and unlock their android phones or tablets if it is locked and they do not have the right password for that. 

Since all of us know that android provides different methods to lock our phone, like pattern lock, pass code, fingerprint lock or even facial recognition. The below mentioned methods can be used to unlock android phones with any kinds of locking feature.

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How to unlock android phone or tablet : Online (With Google Account)

If your phone is connected to the internet via any means whether it be WiFi or mobile data, you can easily recover you phone and without loosing any data using a computer or from the phone it self. 

  1. When you are unable to unlock your phone for 5 times, on the bottom of you screen you should see a option appears. It usually reads as ” Forgot Pin”. 
  2. Press that option and you should be provided a screen where you can enter the username and the password for the gmail account that was signed into the device. 
  3. If you do not remember the account that was used on the phone, you will have to look into other ways to unlock your android phone.
  4. After you’ve entered the login credentials, you will be asked to choose the new security option you want to apply to your phone. Apply the one you want or leave it as “Swipe” if you do not want to lock your phone at all and press OK.
  5. Your phone should be now unlocked and working fine.

How to unlock android phone or tablet : Offline( Factory Reset)

When your phone is locked and its not connected to internet, you might have a hard luck to get it unlocked easily. And one of the only way is to factory reset your phone. 
If you factory reset your phone, you will loose all the phone’s previous data and you’ll have to start all over again. But, that’s the only way you can unlock you android phone or tablet. 
You can try your luck connecting the phone to the PC and copying the most content that you can get but I don’t think its worth trying. 

Note: Method of factory resetting the phone might differ from manufactures but usually its the same for most of the devices. If the method described in this post does not work, please visit your manufacturer’s website and find a way to factory restore your phone.

  1. First of all switch of your android phone and do not turn it on or press any button for now.
  2. Now press the button combination ( Volume + Key, Home Button Key and Power Button) all at once,  and don’t leave any buttons until the phone is turned on and you see a DOS screen booting up.
  3. After you see a DOS like screen(unusual screen), you will see a “Reset Factory Settings” or “Erase All Data” options. 
  4. Navigate to that options with the help of the volume buttons and press ok.
  5. After everything is done, it might restart or if it does not just restart the phone by selecting the restart option using the same volume key.
  6. Finally after the phone has successfully restarted, you should be able to use the phone.

Note: This method erases all the data on the phone that was stored before and so the lock is also removed, use this method only if it is the last option you have. 

Hope these walk-through solve your issue on how to unlock android phone or tablets. If you know other methods that can be used to recover your locked phone, you can let us know in the comments below.
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