How To Take A Screenshot on a PC

Taking screenshot of the windows can prove handy sometimes where you want to record something and do not actually have time to write it down. In this post we discuss on how to take a screenshot on a PC with the tools that are already available on the windows and other tools that you can download and install for free.

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How to take a screenshot on a PC : Using Windows Tools

A very easy to use and powerful application or tool is already incorporated in windows that most of the users don’t actually know. This is called the “Snipping Tool”. Snipping tool is pretty neat at what it does and saves you the trouble to install any third part software.

Using Snipping tool to take a screenshot

  • First bring up the start menu by pressing the flag button on your keyboard.
  • Then in search bar type in “Snipping”. Now you should already see a snipping tool.
  • Open the tool and you are all set to take screenshots of your current window or your own selection.
  • To take a screenshot click on new, which pulls down a menu and you will be provided 4 different types of screenshot options. i.e Free-form, Rectangular,Window and Full screen.
  • Select the type of screenshot that you need and take the screenshot and save it in any format that you want.

Take a screenshot on a PC : Using other applications

Among bunch of tools available online I recommend to you the following two application that have a paid version and as well as a free version to easily help you to take a screenshot on a PC.

1. PickPick

This is the freeware tool that i personally use to take screeshots and share them on blogposts, or anywhere I need. PickPick is available as a freeware and its premium version costs $29.99 for 1 license for commercial use. Though I don’t think you’ll have to buy a commercial version to get most of your work done. You can take free size screenshots and also the best part is taking the scrolling windows screenshots.

2. Greenshot

Greenshot is another freeware that sizes 600 kb and can directly send the screenshots to a printer or your image editor, save it into a predefined folder and all these facilities that you do not have to pay a single cent. Yes this is a freeware and does its job done quite perfectly.
This is how to take a screenshot on a PC with the applications that are preinstalled on windows or by installing third party applications.

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