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YouTube has all the big music stars. It is the go to place for whenever someone wants to listen to their favorite tunes. Despite being one of the biggest provider of digital content, disability of playing music in the background (while the application is minimized) has all its users annoyed. YouTube fixed this issue with its premium services called “YouTube Red”. YouTube Red does come with a monthly subscription fee of around 10-12$. If you are willing to pay the price, you can play YouTube videos in background on iPhone/iPad for free without installing any third-party application.

So, what if you do not want to pay the subscription fee for YouTube red but still want to play YouTube videos in background on iPhone/iPad? We have a sleek tutorial to help you out.

Playing YouTube Videos can come handy as you can save a lot of battery, use other applications while listening to the video playing in your YouTube app. Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of other apps that do the job for you. Even YouTube Red is just what you are looking for, but this work around the restriction to not being able to play YouTube in background on iPhone is gold.
Let’s stop beating around the bush and get into.


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How to play YouTube in background on iPhone /iPad without any app.

Before you get into the trick, make sure you already know which specific video you want to watch/listen. You must remember the exact title of the video.

  1. Open Safari Browser and open google search engine.
  2. Type in the video’s title exactly as on YouTube and hit search.
  3. If the video does not load up, open the “Videos” tab on google search.
  4. Tap on the video that you were searching for and this should open YouTube’s mobile version website.
  5. You might be prompted to use YouTube’s official application but do not do it.
  6. Resume playing by pressing the play button again and the video should now start to play.
  7. Go to your home screen by pressing the home button, don’t panic the video will stop playing.
  8. Bring up the “Control Center” by swiping up on the screen.
    Please note that if you are using iOS 10 or later you must swipe left.
  1. You should see media controls i.e. play, pause, next, skip buttons.
  2. Simply press play and the video that was paying inside safari will start playing again.
  3. Now even though you lock your iPhone, the video will continue to play.
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So, what if this trick to minimize YouTube app on iPhone did not work?

You can try following options

  • Download and install free Mozilla Firefox browser from the app store. Here Is The link.
  • Repeat the same procedure that I mentioned from the tutorial above.
  • Try going straight to YouTube and searching for the song that you want listen, try minimizing the app and playing the video from the control center.

Some things you should keep in mind if you wish to play YouTube in background on iPhone

  1. You will not be able to choose the quality you want to listen.
  2. There are no other audio controls such as, repeat, loop etc.
  3. Auto playing songs from a playlist is also not available.

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