How To Make Money From YouTube ??


Youtube is no doubt the largest online video streaming website of our time. Every minute hundreds of hours worth videos are being uploaded to the website. And the uploaders who upload their original content on YouTube possess possibility to generate revenue from the  video that they upload.

So, how to make money from YouTube, how do YouTubers that have millions of subscribers generate enough money to live the life of the internet just by making and uploading videos. 
There are tons of ways that someone can choose to make money from YouTube, and the way one YouTuber makes money might different from another but today we’ll be talking about some of the most basic sources where the content creators can make money monetizing their content.

First you have to understand that, online presence depends on all about how you market yourself amongst other people. So, advertising plays a crucial way to help strengthen any company’s financial backbone. Thats mostly it, more than 90% of YouTubers make money from YouTube via advertising. It may be direct advertising or partnered advertising. 

Lets breakdown some of the most genuine and actual ways to make money from YouTube.

How To Make Money From YouTube: Top 3 Ways

1. Adsense 

Adsense is a advertising platform by google that allows a publisher to display relevant ads on the content that they produce and get paid. It connects the advertisers and publishers together and also takes a certain % of the total amount from the publishers for the services they provide.
Since, YouTube and adsense both are products from google, adsense is the main source of income for the YouTubers. Adsense allows the users to monetize their videos and then they get paid for the clicks they receive and the number of views they receive. 

How it actually happens:  

Whenever you play a video you might have to skip a add that may or maynot be related to the video that you want to watch. You might see a advertisement pop up during the video or a small square box that shows the advertisement banners or videos.
These ads are actually served by adsense and it means that the uploader has monetized the video and gets a share of the revenue that the video generates from these ads.
Before you start asking how and how much money can a video generate, or even how much videos do you need on an average to get reasonable income from youtube, you’ll have to understand some basic terms of adsense.
CPM: CPM stands for cost per mile. Its the amount you will be paid for every thousand views that your video receives. And how is CPM calculated you ask. It depends upon to CPC (cost per click) you receive for an add and this differs from each and every add that is displayed in all of your videos.
So, you will see fluctuations in CPM all day if you keep checking you CPM. Because it all depends upon the country your video was played in and the add that was clicked. If a user from US, Canada, Australia, UK plays the video and clicks on and add you might get very good CPC and CPM than other countries for the same add. 
So, it basically depends upon bunch of different things. For detailed information visit the Google Adsense’s help site
So, if your video gets 10000 views with a CPM of about $1.5 you might make anywhere between $15-$25.

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2. Paid Reviews/ Posts

This is also one of the major sources of income for most of the YouTubers. Since all the companies all around the world spend a lot of money for advertising, internet is the major source to find potential customers for their business. And to get featured on a very popular channel that related to their industry, might result in receiving some valuable customers. 
So, companies pay the YouTubers that have huge number of followers thousands of dollars to feature their latest product, a shoutout to them, or  even feature themselves in their next video.
There are some websites that allow a YouTuber to sign up and get paid for featuring the product from their website on their channel. 

3. Affiliate Programs

Image: rapidleash
So you might have seen from some of the YouTubers that you follow, featuring a product that they bought recently or something really cool and interesting and might drop in a link in the description for you to check that out. Most of the times it is a affiliate link that gives them a small amount of money as a commission and being an affiliate for the product.
Trust me it one of the ways that really have huge potential when it comes to making money from YouTube
These are top 3 ways on how to make money from youtube, and hope this clears your confusion a little that how to make money on YouTube!!.
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