How to kill and get rid of Facebook addiction??

Well well well, FACEBOOK! Who does not know about Facebook. I remember my childhood days when just a glimpse of a computer would totally make my day and just see at the kids these days, spending hours and hours on Facebook or on computer . It, at some point makes me happy with the kind of enthusiasm that the kids of these generations are showing towards computers or the technology. But on the other hand, it builds up second thoughts that are they being exposed to ill habits or are addicted with exploited content on the web? Well for most of the kids and also teenagers come to know about the Internet and the use of internet by the means of Facebook itself. Though it has built up a socially and technologically alert society, one should keep in mind whether their children or themselves as well are addicted to the web or are victims of Facebook addiction?


In today’s post we’ll see and try to find out if we are really addicted to Facebook and how can we get rid of this.

Note: Facebook is not bad, but the misuse of Facebook or the Internet might lead to various disasters in life. So, we should try and make our stay of Facebook or Internet as much productive as we can. 

“Do you keep on pressing the Facebook home button time and again knowing the fact that you’ll not see anything interesting? Or have been travelling from your profile to the news feed every few seconds? ” 

See, most of us might argue that Facebook addiction isn’t a thing. I might not argue on this, but still think for a second. Can you spend all your leisure time if the only option available to you is Facebook? I mean you would want to have a glimpse of the blue interface and your friends talking about their own worlds!
If the answer is NO, obviously you are not a Facebook addict like I am. But since we’re talking about killing Facebook addiction, lets see some of the methods that I personally adopt to minimize the effect of Facebook on my productivity.

Not elaborating the post further let me summarize the important points for you :
  1. Maintain a time table for all your important stuffs. If you cannot write it down, at least make a mind set and spend your day according to that.
  2. Try to distract yourself from Facebook. Watch movies, play games or listen to your audio library.
  3. Its time to get “real social”, by that i mean just go out, talk to people in real. Build communications, say Hi! to your neighbors. This will not only boost your personal confidence but also you will start to realize the importance of real relationships.
  4. Build other hobbies like cooking, cleaning, laundry, drawing etc 😀 
The list will go on and on because you can help yourselves with these. Now what if you cannot keep yourself from getting into Facebook? 
Well in that case, I’ll drop down some tips to make your Facebook use productive or helpful in some way.
  1. Create a blog. It can be a free and does not have to be professional. And share the content you write on the blog on your accounts and let other see your writing skills.
  2. Create a page that will help others and in return will help you build real connections in the virtual world.
  3. Try to solve problems of different users in the groups that will help you broaden your knowledge.

Other ways to distract yourself from Facebook while surfing the Internet is :

  1. Build up an online hobby that you will loose interest later on.
  2. Join some forums and see what other people have to say.
  3. Use some other social networks and see how you feel about them.
  4. Why not create some videos or vines that will not only make other laugh or provide some information, but also might generate some revenue for you online.
So, Facebook addiction might not be a real thing but it’s definitely a topic to be discussed and mentored upon. Hope you find this post some how useful and though these solution might not kill your addiction, but  I am glad that I made you a little aware about the use of social networks like Facebook and their addiction.

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