How To Download YouTube Videos Online Easy Way

Everybody loves to use YouTube and watch their favorite shows or videos on YouTube. YouTube also allows all the content or video creators to get their own followers/subscribers and have a regular channel visitors. There are millions and millions of videos on YouTube and you would like to download videos from YouTube and see them in your leisure or when you donot have Internet connection. To download YouTube videos you have bunch of options. Like you can install a YouTube downloader and download videos from YouTube, install IDM and also other methods where you do not need any others applications and download videos online

Today we’ll be looking into some of the ways to download YouTube videos online without using any YouTube video downloader. 

1. Download Directly From Browser: 

This is one of my favorite method because it does not require any extensions, applications, or any add-ons to download videos all you need is Internet connection and a decent browser.
  1. First of all open up and open the video that you want to download.
  2. After that edit the URL of the video page like following. 
  3. EG: if the video URL is then just edit that and replace the “WWW.” with “SS”. That means that your URL will look like this now :
  4. Now press enter and then you will be automatically redirected the download page and you can choose and download your videos in different file formats as your prefer.

Using this method will not require you to install any shockwave or flash player.

2. Using Savevid or Keepvid

This is one of the famous ways nowadays to download videos online. You might need to download and install shockwave or flash player before you can start downloading videos from YouTube.
  1. Open up and open up the video that you want to download.
  2. After that copy the video’s URL.
  3. Now open up or
  4. In the home screen you will see a box where you can paste the video’s URL and then click on download.
  5. After sometime the video will be ready to download and you can download any format that you wish. 
This was a quick tutorial to help you download videos from YouTube the easy way. How do you download your videos online? Do leave comments and lets us other means to download YouTube videos or any other videos online. 

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