How To Cancel Netflix Account Before Trial Membership Expires

Netflix is one of “the” go to source for video consumption these days. In past few years Netflix has really upped their game and has brought drastic changes to the system itself and also been add some game winning shows and dramas under its sleeve.

With over 148 million active streaming accounts towards the end of 2018, how does Netflix keeps on growing?

Well, one of the biggest reason is because Netflix offers a free 30 days membership when you enter your credit card details and most of just stayed. There are number of shows and movies on Netflix that can get you absolutely hooked, I mean they are worth the $11 dollars a month after that, but what if you did not want to pay?

The good news is that you can cancel you Netflix membership account before the cycle and you will not be charged a single cent.

How To Cancel Netflix Account | Delete Netflix Account

Canceling your Netflix account is as easier as creating one.

Canceling Your Netflix account straight away after creating will still allow your free access for that whole month. That means, regardless of the day you cancel or delete your Netflix account, you can still access Netflix and watch your favorite show. All you gotta make sure is that you cancel the account before your charging cycle.

We recommend canceling your account straight away if you do not plan to be a premium Netflix member.

  1. First go to and login with your login details

2. Once on homepage, go to account from the drop down settings next to your account’s logo on the top right corner of the screen.

3. On the top left of the next screen. you should see a button “Cancel Membership”. Click on the button.

4. This will finally take you to the confirmation page for your Netflix account deletion. It also reminds you when your payment cycle finishes and if you have a trial membership, it informs you that the cancellation will only be effective after your 30 days has been completed.

That’s it folks, that’s how you can delete your Netflix account before payment cycle and still use it.

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