Get Rid Of Annoying Online Surveys

You are frustrated by online surveys and looking for a survey remover or a trick on how to bypass surveys online, we are here to help. I am also one of the victims of the useless online surveys and countless are the number of times I’ve actually tried to solve them.

And every time, I end up back where I started.

Well, I did a bit of research online on how to block surveys on websites, and had a bit of success myself. I was not particularly looking for a survey remover  or survey blocker but instead I was looking for some advanced way that I could get rid of the annoying surveys to download or view the file I desperately wanted.

Note: I tried this on the website I was trying to view and could unlock the content without completing the survey.The result might not be the same on your case, but give it a shot and see if any of the trick bypass surveys from the website.

What Worked For Me !

I will be guiding you on how to disable or block the javascripts from running on the websites as most of the surveys use Javascript for their functioning. You don’t have to have any in depth knowledge on java scripts though 😀 .

How To Bypass Surveys On Chrome

I personally use chrome, just a personal preference. Nothing exciting here!

  • Close the website, and copy the URL of the website/ content on the website.
  • Navigate to top right of the screen where you see this icon.
  •  Click on it and go to settings.
    • Or You Can Just TYPE : chrome://settings/ in the URL/address bar of the browser.
  • After you get into the settings, open advanced settings by clicking on “Show advanced settings”.
  • Under privacy, open the content settings.
  • On the small dialogue box that pops up, scroll down and you will find a option “JavaScript”.
  • By default, the option is set to “Allow all sites to run JavaScript to run”.
  • You can either:
    • Set it to “Donot allow” and this will block any type of JavaScript from all the websites that you load further. If you do not want that to happen,
    • I would recommend, Click on “Manage Exceptions”.
    • Under “Hostname Pattern” Just enter the website URL and under behavior set it to “Block”.
  • Open the page that was asking you to complete the survey, now you should be able to view the content. You might see the website might not look normal, but that’s just because the JavaScript that were required could not be able to run  at all.

How To Bypass Surveys On Mozilla Firefox

Unless you are using a old version of Firefox, you will not see any option listed to disable the JavaScript. So, you will need to get a free add on to block JavaScript on Firefox.

  • Go to the top right logo and open Add-ons.
  • Search for “Quickjava”.
  • Install it.
  • Quit Firefox and open it again.
  • Now you should see a new logo on the top right side of the screen, like this .
  • Click on it and it will turn red, that means that JavaScript will be blocked from now on forward.
  • Browse the website you were trying to view and it should now load fine.

How To Bypass Surveys On Internet Explorer

Well, if you still sticking with the tradition browser, there is a way to block the scripts on it too.

  • Open the setting from the small icon on top right of the browser itself.
  • Go to security and click on “Custom Level”.
  • On the new window that pops up, scroll down until you get to Scripting.
  • Disable “Active Scripting” and “Scripting Of Java Applets”.
  • Click Ok and apply and restart the browser and see if this works.

Other Ways To Bypass Online Surveys

Below mentioned ways are not guaranteed to work but are worth trying.

Fake Identity

Since, the surveys that are provided does not make any sense at all, there should be no guilt feel in providing fake information to complete the survey.

If you cannot find any way around but completing the survey, well we are here to help again.


There are lots of websites on the internet that will create a fake identity for you in mere seconds. Lets take one for example.

  • Go to or any related fake identity generator and create a fake id information.
  • If you need some specific information, like the gender, country, or name set you can do so.
  • After you have all the fake details, go ahead and complete the survey with fake information.
  • If you also require a fake email address, I would suggest you to go ahead and make on from the fake information.

By any luck you should be able to access the information after you complete the survey.

Extracting The URL

Some survey sites are loosely coded, and the actual download links are not well protected and piece of code can help you extract these codes.

  • Open the survey website, and before or after the survey is loaded right click on the website and click on “Inspect Element”.
  • A side window should load within the browser, open the “Console” tab.
  • Enter the following line of code and hit enter:

urls = $$(‘a’); for (url in urls) console.log ( urls[url].href );

  • Now a list of all the URLs on the webpage will be listed in the console window.
  • By any luck, the file URL will also be listed on the list that is loaded by the code.


A lot of people have had a good amount of success with Surveysmasher.

The logic behind it is plain and simple.

  • You get the URL that is directing you to the survey website. Lets say
  • Surveysmasher tool will remove/bypass the survey, download the file for you and upload it to
  • You can download the file for free and directly from Mediafire at full download speed.

Go to Survey Smasher.


I hope we’ve helped you a bit on how to bypass surveys on your browser. Not all these tricks are self tested, so chances are that none or all the tricks might work on your browser or the survey site you are using it on.

All the survey sites are based on different algorithms and most of the latest survey websites have their own file locking mechanisms that cannot be bypassed and you have to complete the survey to unlock the file. But we’ve already mentioned on how to bypass surveys using fake information above, so good luck with that.

Hope This Helps!

Read This Wiki Article For More Information.

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