How To Access Screenshots On Chromebook

Chromebooks are becoming my personal favorite as well because of the ease of use and especially their support for android apps. But when I first starting using Chromebook, there was a learning curve for sure, if you are one of them please find other related helpful articles on Chromebook on In my previous article, I explained how to screenshot on Chromebook, this article is how to access screenshots on Chromebook as they are saved automatically.

All the screenshots are automatically saved in the Downloads folder. So if you are wondering “where are my screenshots on my Chromebook”, you can quickly access them from the Files app on Chrome OS. In this guide, I guide you step-by-step on how to find screenshots on your Chromebook and pin the locations for quicker access in the future.

How To Access Screenshots On Chromebook

If you are not familiar with how to take these screenshots in the first place, please read my previous guide on how to do so.

By default Chrome OS saves all the screenshot files in the Downloads folder. Assuming no changes have been made to this location, you can access your screenshots with a keyboard shortcut or using the files app.

Keyboard Shortcut To Open The Screenshots Folder

 Alt + Shift + M

Press and hold the above-mentioned keyboard shortcut keys simultaneously and it will open the downloads folder.

How To Access Screenshots On Chromebook

As I mentioned earlier if the default location for the screenshot has not been changed, all the screenshots you have taken should be in the folder.

How To Find Screenshots On Your Chromebook Using Files App

For some reason, your keyboard is not working or you would like to use the touchpad or the screen UI to access the screenshot folder, it’s fairly simple as well. I’ll also guide you to pin that folder to your taskbar or “Shelf” for easier future access.

Click on the launcher icon on the bottom left corner of the screen or hit the “Windows” key on the keyboard.

This opens the launcher, search for “Files” and open it.


The files app directly opens the downloads folder, and you should see all the screenshots you’ve taken on your Chromebook.

Now for quicker access in the future, I suggest you pin the files app to the taskbar.

On the bottom of the taskbar, right-click on the files app and click on the “Pin” icon.


Moving forward, the files app is always docked on the shelf, and you can access it quicker as compared to searching for it every time.

Check If The Default Download Folder On Chromebook Has Been Changed

If you’ve taken some screenshots on your Chromebook but they are not under the downloads folder, the default downloads folder on that Chromebook might have been set to some other location.

To check if this is the case for you, open Google Chrome and enter the following Google Chrome Flags menu command in the search bar followed by the “Enter” key.


Under location, check which folder that is set to. Whatever folder has been selected here, you will find all your screenshots inside that folder.


If you would like to change it to some other folder or the default downloads folder, click on the “Change” button and do so.

Alternatively, you can create a folder inside downloads called “Screenshot” and set that as the default downloads location and enable “Aske where to save each file….” Option.

After making these changes, all the screenshots will automatically save to the screenshot folder and any other downloads will have to be confirmed by you. You can choose a different folder for these downloaded files.

Hopefully, you were able to access screenshots on your Chromebook following this guide. If you have any queries or queries please refer to the FAQ section below or leave a comment.

Locating Screenshots On A Chromebook – FAQs

Can I Change The Screenshots Folder On Chromebook?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the time I am writing this article. I have mentioned the workaround earlier where you change the default download folder and enable the option to confirm each and every download. Doing this will save your screenshots in a designated folder by you and any other files can be saved in a different location.

How To Delete Screenshots On Chromebook

Deleting Screenshots On Chromebook is very easy. Use the keyboard shortcut to open the screenshots folder or navigate to the folder where your screenshots are saved. Select the files you would want to download. The process to select is the same as when you copy and paste on a Chromebook. Hit the delete key on the keyboard or right-click > delete.

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