Get Galaxy Buds Volume Control On Buds Touchpad

Galaxy buds are my favorite accessories that I have ever owned in a while. Even though the call quality is horrific sometimes, it is great for media consumption and when I am on the road. One thing that was missing when I started using the Galaxy buds was the galaxy buds volume control. By default, the galaxy buds are not configured to control the volume so you will experience that the galaxy buds volume is very low even though the phone is on max volume.

I personally do not use touchpad volume control from the touchpad on the buds, because I have them configured for next and previous setting. If you need volume control options on the buds, this tutorial is for you.

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Get Galaxy Buds Volume Control On The Buds

If you have a Galaxy Buds, I assume you already have the Galaxy wearable app.

Make sure your Galaxy Wearable app is always updated. This is not mandatory for this tutorial but you do not miss out on any updates that Samsung puts out for its devices.

  1. Connect you Galaxy Buds to your phone and complete any updates that might be pending for your app or the Galaxy Buds
  2. Open the Galaxy Wearable app
  3. This takes you to the Galaxy Buds dashboard unless you have other Samsung smart devices such as Gear watch. If you do, switch your device by tapping on the top left corner and selecting “Galaxy Buds
  4. Tap on “Touchpad“, this opens configuration for the Galaxy Buds touchpad
  5. Look for the “Touch and hold touchpad” options
  6. Tap on either earbuds options and set it to “volume up or volume down” options
  7. To keep things simple, I would suggest setting left earbuds to “Volume low” and right earbuds to “Volume Up”
  8. To change the volume now you can long-press on any earbuds and it will function according to the configuration you set in the Galaxy Wearable app


That’s how to set up Galaxy Buds volume control from the Galaxy Wearable app.

How has been your experience using the Galaxy Buds? Do let us know in the comments below. Also if you face any difficulties, please leave a comment and I will try my best to resolve it.

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1 thought on “Get Galaxy Buds Volume Control On Buds Touchpad”

  1. Well I want to throw the earbuds out. I’m old and low tech and this is my first experience with blue tooth, and it’s a bad one. I bought Galaxy earbuds and tried to pair them to a Sony CD player with blue tooth. The CD player flashes pairing, I open the ear bud case so as to enter pairing mode-nothing. I tap the buds nothing. I stand on my toes, and click my heels and nothing. I don’t have a cell phone so I have no clue on how to turn the buds on, increase volume, etc.

    A colossal waste of money,
    Randy Anderson


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