Best Android Apps To Download Free Mp3 Songs

In this post we’ve summarized android apps that offer free music download apps for android. All these apps are available to download for free and you can get free MP3 on your phone directly via these apps.

We do not support illegal downloading of official MP3 songs from internet.

I installed these apps on my phone and tried it for couple of days, so this review of free music download apps for android comes from my personal experience of using the apps for around 3 days.

1. Music Paradise Pro


This app has to be first on my list, it might also be because this is the first downloading app I installed on my phone. Music paradise pro does not require you to sign up or enter any of your credentials to enjoy their service.

You can download the app straight from the app store from free and start downloading the songs that you want or listen to them online. You can also download and organize a separate library with in the app.

Music Paradise pro provides a really simple and easy to use user interface. The best thing that I liked about Music Paradise Pro is its search capabilities. Most of the other apps did not live up to my expectations when it came to search and find the most relevant music I am searching for.

Go on and download the app straight from the App Store from the link below.

Download Music Paradise

2. 4Shared Music

Another one in the list is 4 shared music. 4shared music requires you to register and create a new account before you can actually use this service. Though the registration process is free and really easy, you still have to go through the signup process and some of use might not want to that. But it just takes couple of seconds, so not a big deal anyways.

After you register with all your credentials, you are welcomed by the app’s simple yet not that great home screen. You can search for the song or the artist you are searching for from the small search icon on top right of the screen.

One cool feature that I really liked about was the upload feature. Though I tried to upload a file from my phone multiple times, I was not able to upload the file. It might be a issue on my end though.


The think I did not like about this app at all is the search functionality of this app. Its awful when it comes to searching for a song or and artist with more than one word. Like you can see in the screenshot below, I searched for “pink floyd” but it did not give my any results. But the results were different when I searched for only “floyd”.

So, it might take you some time before you get used to this on 4shared music and might have to scroll a bit and work out the right search phrase if you want to get to the right song you are looking for or the artist that you are looking for.

There are two version of the app: i. The free version, which serves ads and another paid version that will cost you $1.99 and there no any kind of ad serving on this version.

You can find both of the version on the app store.

Download 4Shared App

3. Gtunes Download Music Mp3


Gtunes is another free android app that does not require any registration and has a simple UI that can find most of the songs that you are looking for when it comes to free music downloads for android phones. Like other apps you can manage your own library and search for new songs that you want to download.

You can get this app free of cost from the app store.

Download Gtunes

So, these were some of the best apps that you can use to download the songs you are looking for straight to your android device.

Do share your experiences with these apps and if there are other better  free music download apps for android , share with us in the comments below.

Hope this helps.

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