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Do you struggle to download music on your android smartphone? Surely everyone loves music, listening to your favourite music is the best stress reliever and mood enhancing technique. It is also not easy to download music on your smartphone. Here in this article, we are listing some best free music downloading apps for Android smartphone. If you have had tried so many apps but failed to find a good free music downloading the app then try these apps. Surely you will like these. Most of these apps offer free to download but few offers it for a limited time. Download and try these applications and download your favourite music for free.

Best Free Music Downloading Apps for Android Smartphone

MP3 Music Download

MP3 Music Download app is a free android application to download music for free. With the help of this application you can download free music, also, you can search and play music on your device. Some of the excellent features of this application are its Fast Music Download Service, Background Music Download, and Multiple Music Files download. The application also lets you play music, create playlists of your favourite songs, and can share the playlist with friends. The application contains CC-Licensed mp3 music and it is available to download for free. The artists and music that is published under creative commons attribution 3.0 or in the Public domain are listed in this app. This app also has a feature to make ringtones for your phone.

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4 Shared

In the list of best free music downloading apps for Android smartphone next is 4 Shared music app. First, they did introduce the dedicated app for music but now they have combined the full 4Shared service with the music service in one app. You just need to visit the music area in the 4Shared app and search for your favourite music. You can also browse through the different category of music. The 4Shared app has dedicated music player to let you play the music online without any problem. You also can download the free music from there. You can listen as well as download the music.


Tunee is one of the best free music downloading apps for the android smartphone. This application has been removed from the play store but this also can be downloaded from third party sites. Its apk file can be downloaded from other sites. This application is one of the best free downloading music apps. With the help of this application, you can download high-quality mp3 music. You can search for music by the title, artist or band name, and simply can download the music from the list displayed. This excellent application is very lite to download.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

In the list of best free downloading apps for Android smartphone, next app is Super Cloud Song MP3 Downloader. Like Tunee this application also is not listed on Google Play Store. If you want to download it then you will need to visit third party app downloading sites. This application enables you to comfortably and easily download thousands of your favourite music. Just enter your favourite song, artist, or album name in the search box and they download your favourite music by just clicking once from the wide range of results. You can also play the music via streaming it to your phone. There are thousands of music tracks to download, also, downloading music from this app is easy and convenient.

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Google Play Music

Google Play Music is a good source to download and listen to free music on Android smartphone. The application provides an ad-free environment to play and download the music. There are more than 50 thousands of songs to play and download the app. Not only music but from Google Play Music app you can also search for podcasts and listen to them. The application offers the background offline feature which means you can make music to play them offline in the background. Your current playlist will not be interrupted when you download the music. You can also listen to online Radio which is created by the experts. You get the music recommendations based on your taste and choice.


Gaana app is probably most wide range music database. There are more than 10 million songs in their database. The application let you stream play the song as well as download it on your phone. The only drawback of this application is the downloaded music can’t be played by any other application. Gaana music app has a huge collection of Bollywood songs as well as English songs. You can always search for your favourite artist as well as can browse through Top 50 lists which are composed of different categories. The application let you play music online but if you want to play it offline then you will have to subscribe for Gaana Plus subscription which cost Rs. 99 per month and then you can download as many songs you want. Well, this can’t be said a completely Free Music Downloading apps.

Wynk Music

In the list of best free music downloading apps for android smartphone, next app is Wynk music. This application is developed by Airtel. It offers music streaming as well as downloading in an ad-free environment. The music can be searched according to mood, artists, and genres. If you are not really sure what to listen and you just want hours of music then you can select the internet radio option. The internet radio automatically plays music one by one without adding them into the playlists. Like Gaana application Wynk Music download features works when you subscribe to premium feature, but you can get a 1-month free subscription to the premium space in the Wynn music app.

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GTunes is another best free music downloading app for an android smartphone. This is a simple yet faster application to download music. There are millions of songs to download legally on your device. The GTune app directly downloads the music on SD card which you can play later with any application. You can use the search features to find your favourite songs and then you can download them in bulk. You don’t have to click on download for all the songs. User can also browse for music randomly to find some awesome tracks. Another wonder of GTunes is it is completely ad free app to download music.

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SoundCloud is one of the best free music downloading apps for an android smartphone. It is a popular platform to upload and share the music. It is also popular to stream the music over android devices through its app. The streaming music also can be downloaded to the device by using the device’s save as offline feature. Not only this, you can also discover latest and trending music here in this app. You can connect with friends over the platform and can discuss your favourite artists and can share your favourite music tracks with them. You can manually create playlists for different types of moods and occasions.

Music Download Elite

In the list of best free music downloading apps for android smartphone next is Music Download Elite App. You can download so many music tracks from here. Also, it does contain most simple user interface which means you can easily find, download, and play the music. You can also create playlists of different downloaded songs to play them according to your mood. There is the only problem with this application, it crashes frequently because it is still in development phase. Also, the Music Download Elite app is not available to download from play store. You need to download it from third party site. Though we are listing this app in the best free music downloading apps for android smartphone still we are not recommending it.

Copyleft MP3 Downloader

Copyleft MP3 Downloader is one of the best free music downloading apps for the android smartphone. This application lets you download as well as stream your favourite music. Songs and music those are available on Copyleft MP3 Downloader come under Copyleft and Creative Commons License. You can also search for your favourite artists, songs, and album you like to listen to the search features of this application. It directly downloads the music to your device’s storage which means it is available to play at any time with any app. Like Music Download Elite this app is also not available to download from Play Store but it can be downloaded from the third party stores.

Music Download Paradise

Music Download Paradise is one of most wide range free music downloading apps for the android smartphone. You can get from sound effects to ringtones on this application. You can also get some songs as well as. On Music Download Paradise there are some interesting sound clips also to download. You can simply search for music on the application and can download the song easily. The application also has dedicated library part where all your music gets stored. The user interface of this application is easy and simple. The bad part of this application is the ad. The ad in the app is annoying, else every another thing is great about this application. This application is not available on Play Store to download. You need to visit the third party stores to download it.


In the list of best free music downloading apps for Android smartphone next is Napster. This application has a large database of songs, more than 30 million songs and mp3 tracks are available to download. You can also stream your favourite music to listen to them or you can simply download it. The music match feature of Napster helps you to find the music of your taste and mood. With this feature, it becomes easy to find the kind of music you listen. Also, the good thing about the Napster app is its user interface. There are no annoying ads in the app. So, you can easily download or listen to your favourite music and nothing can disturb you in between.

Radio Player by Audials

Radio Player by Audials is not exactly a free music downloading app for an android smartphone. This application let you access multiple Radio channels from all over the world. Radio channels broadcast good music so this application enables you to record the music and store it on your phone. While listening to random radio channels if you like any particular music track then simply you can record it on your phone to play it later. There are more than 80 thousands of radio channels on this app, which means huge music collection at one place. If you are Radio lover then this is must have an app for your phone. You can listen to your favourite station music on your phone and can also record the music and save it to listen later.

Free MP3 Downloads

In the list of best free music downloading apps for android smartphone next is Free MP3 Download. In this application, there is a huge collection of high-quality songs and popular music tracks. Not only this but you also can play music with this application. The music listed here comes under Creative Commons License. So, probably you won’t find all the music but yes surely you will find tracks which you will like for sure. There is one bad thing about this application it crashes a lot. Also, it’s rating is not that much good on Play Store, but if you tried all above application and didn’t find some good app then this application is worth a try.

Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager is not a free music downloading app for Android smartphone. This application is a good tool if you download files on your phone frequently. Also, Advanced Download Manager has dedicated feature to download music and video files on your device. Not only this but you can also search and download some archive mp3 files on its built-in ADM browser.

These are all the best free music downloading apps for Android Smartphone. One thing you should know, that not all the music can be downloaded. There are copyright laws which mean you can not own a music file that is composed by another artist without his willingness. So most of the apps offer music which is released under Creative Commons Licence (CCL). But, yes you will surely find some good music on these apps.

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