Flappy Bird Cheats For Android And iOS With Download Links (No Survey)

Flappy Bird cheats have been rumoring around all the internet for some time now. There are lots and lots of tricks that can help your get or fake a highscore in Flappy bird. Some of these cheats work, while most of them are just a way to get you complete surveys that promise you to provide with Flappy bird cheats after the competition of the surveys. 
Flappy Bird skyrocketed the app stores lately but due to some unclear reasons its developer removed it from all the app stores. But still if you want to install and play Flappy bird on your phone you candownload Flappy bird from different other sources online. 

Flappy Bird Cheats For Android And iOS

Getting into the topic, today we’ll be discussing two of the easy and safe Flappy bird cheats, one for android phones and the other for apple devices or iOS devices.

Flappy Bird Cheats For Android : 

  1. First you need to have root access on your phone i.e you phone should be hacked properly.
  2. After that download and install the root explorer app from the app store and also the ES file manager from the app store.
  3. Open and enable the root access via the root explorer app you’ve downloaded earlier.
  4. Launch ES File manager and then select tools and goto the directory “/device”.
  5. Open the “shared_prefs” and “FlappyBird.xml” file.
  6. Now select the ES Note Editor when prompted and  then click on edit, located at the upper left area.
  7. Finally change the level score value to the number that you want to get and fake in front of others as a high score.
And done!! Thats all how you use a Flappy bird cheat or hack on a android phone.

Flappy Bird Cheats For iOS Devices :

Note: You do not need to jail break your phone before you can actually apply this Flappy bird cheat/hack on your device.

1.Flappy Bird should not be working in the background.
2. Download iExplorer for your device on your PC.

3. You may download any of the following “atlas.txt” file.
a. For passing through the pipes: Download Link
b. To change the pipes into  lines: Download Link
4. Launch iExplorer on your devices.
5. After that, connect your device to your PC and  then change the icon view to thumbnail mode.
6. Go back to the iExplorer app and then look for your apps for “flap.app” then open it.
7. Drag the new “atlast.txt” file which you’ve downloaded earlier into the iExplorer screen with all the other thumbnails.
8. When promoted for a replacement, do it and then enjoy your game.

Hope these Flappy bird cheats prove to be helpful to you and post any problems that you might face while applying these cheats / hacks. We’ll be back with more of these high score cheats and tricks to help you get over this irritating game. 
Do you know any better Flappy bird cheats or hacks that you use ? Do not forget to share with us and keep us updated 

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