Download Whatsapp For PC Windows 7,8,10 And Mac OS

Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social messaging app these days. With a record of serving more than 27 billion messages last year, it was no doubt that it would catch the eyes of Facebook. This post is dedicated to help you download whatsapp for PC Windows 7, XP, 8,10. Facebook recently acquired this social messaging giant and its believed to bring new features in coming time. Facebook recently introduced a “seen” feature where users will know when their messages have been read. Though some might find it annoying, this feature might come in as handy for lots of the users.

UPDATE : 5/19/2015

I still stand by the fact that “there is not a standalone application to use whatsapp for pc”, but recently whatsapp announced a web version (whatsapp web) of its application that actually allows users to use whatsapp on their PC. But there is a catch, you should have an activated whatsapp account and every time you want to use whatsapp on a PC, you have to connect your phone to the internet and configure the web client. The configuration is really simple, below is a video on how to use whatsapp web, how to scan the qr code and all the configuration steps. 


You might have seen and tested lots of ways to download whatsapp for PC and might have failed. This article solely dedicates to get out the best and the right way to install whatsapp on PC.

Till date, whatsapp does not have a PC application and I do not see any reason to get it built as that would kill the soul meaning of the app i.e mobile messaging. But, still there are ways you can download and install whatsapp on your PC.

In this article, I’ll discuss two very popular and widely accepted methods to install various android apps on PC and including whatsapp.

  1. Installing whatsapp on  PC using Bluestacks emulator.
  2. Download and installing whatsapp on PC using Youwave emulator.

Download Whatsapp For Pc : Using Bluestacks

Before you can use whatsapp on your PC via Bluestacks, there are some tools and application you need to download.
  1. Bluestacks application
  2. whatsapp.apk file
  3. .net framework installer

You might need to install .net framework on your PC if you see some kinds of error that prevent you from running the application. It’s easy to download and install and everything is free too.

Now, that you’ve downloaded the installer its time to install bluestacks on your PC.

Open the installer that you downloaded and click on agree, select the download location and click install. You should see the following screen, let it download its installation data and install bluestacks.

Installing Bluestacks

And this will follow with the following screen where it downloads its game data.

Bluestacks Installer Downloading game data

After all the installation has been done, it should open the bluestacks application itself. If it does not, just open it and continue the required actions.

You also need to sign into your Google account, if you do not have a Google ID or a gmail ID just click on New and create one.

Google Account Sign In

After you have logged into your Google account, you might have to enter the details once again set up the app store for the first time user. Once you’ve done that you should be prompted with the following window.

After this you must be directly taken to the app store from where you can find and download whatsapp. Search for whatsapp and click on install and accept the installation.

Now you should see the whatsapp being installed and after it is installed, click on open and open the application.  You should see the following screen, just click on agree and continue.

After thast just enter your phone number and press ok.

Just enter the verification code and it should automatically get verified. Now you can see the home screen of whatsapp like you see on your phone and now you can contact your friends on whatsapp from your PC like you do in your phone.

If the SMS verification failed, but you still received the verification code just enter the code in the place you are needed to enter the 6-digit code.

Download Whatsapp For PC : With YouWave

Youwave is an Android emulator that provides much stock android feel than bluestacks. Bluestacks has its own interface and dashboard, but Youwave has an interface much like android. So, if you want to get a much more android feel and use it like you used to on your phone, you should go for Youwave. But the main drawback about using youwave is that, you need to buy a license and only comes with 10 days of free access.

So, after the installation is completed, run youwave from your desktop. If you did buy a license enter the license key where it prompts you to do so. Otherwise, select “continue trial version” and click on start.

After the application loads completely, you reach the android system’s homescreen.

Installing whatsapp on youwave

It’s not that complicated on youwave too to get whatsapp installed, after you fire up the Android emulator, just click view > online content.

And then you should be able to see the following screen. Just click on whatsapp and you should see it downloading on the top right area of the screen.

After the downloading has been completed, again click on view > redraw icons and then you should see whatsapp on the screen. Click on whatsapp icon and it should start loading.

After the loading is completed go to the apps list and you should see whatsapp on the bottom right of the screen.

Now, open whatsapp and viola!! You can use whatsapp for PC now.

Conclusion on installing whatsapp on PC

So, this is how you can download whatsapp for PC and install it on windows and even Mac OS.
Hope you liked our tutorial and feel free to contact me on any difficulties you face in installing whatsapp on your PC via the android emulators.

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