Download Viber For PC (Windows or MAC)

  • Cannot install or download Viber for PC? Well, we are back with another well explained tutorial to download and install viber on PC. OR Watch The Video At the end!!

Download Viber For PC : Tutorial To Install Viber On PC

Viber is one of the most widely used free VOIP application worldwide. Though there are different other applications like the Skype itself, much more usability and user friendly features like the address book look up and different other functionalities has made Viber what it is today.
Viber recently launched its official application for windows/MAC OS and has made it really easy to install and use Viber on our PC as well. Though there are other ways to install as well, the official app is really easy to install, configure and use.
We’ll guide you through every procedure to download, install and also properly configure viber on your PC. So, lets get started.
  • Download the Viber Application from its website.
  • .net Framework might result in some errors sometimes.
  • Your mobile phone or any platform that supports Viber. (If you do not have any of these we do have an alternative, stay with us)
  • If you do not have a viber supported phone or a device, you’ll have to download and install viber for PC via bluestacks application.
  • Download the Bluestacks Application.
Now that you have all the necessary applications, let get into installing Viber on your PC
Install the Viber app:
  • Locate and run the installer that you downloaded.
  • Let the installer to complete the installation.
Got any problems till now? Let me know in the comments!
Configuring / Activating Viber on PC:
Now this is the part where you require a viber supported phone or device. What viber does is sends a confirmation code on the device where you have been using viber and that code activates the viber application on your PC.
  • Run the application from the desktop, if it does not open up run it as a administrator.
  • After that it connects to the servers and prompts you whether you have viber on your phone or not, press yes if you have or skip to bottom if you do not.
  • Enter the code where it has been prompted and press OK.
  • Viola! now can enjoy viber on your PC.
Activate Viber If you do not have a phone:
As you might recall, i mentioned above that you need to download and install bluestacks at first if you do not have a viber supportive phone/gadget. So,
  • Download the Bluestacks installer from here.
  • Install the application.(It might take some time as it need to download runtime data)
  • Downloading And Activating Viber Using Bluestacks
So that you have successfully installed Bluestacks, now its time to download viber and then configure it.
  • Open up Bluestacks and in the dashboard move your mouse to to top right corner of the screen.
  • There will be a search box, click on the box and on the dialogue box that appears, enter “Viber”.
  • Now it takes some moment to search the app stores for the app and finally presents you a list with different download options.
  • Just click on any of the options and your app should download fine.
Configure / Activate Viber:
  • You can find the application under “My Tab”, open it.
  • Click on start and enter you mobile number.
  • You’ll receive a code on your mobile phone, just enter the code in the application.
  • After you press OK, it should load your viber home screen. This means your viber has been activate on bluestacks.
Now to activate viber on the official viber app,
  • Run the Viber app from desktop, this time enter Yes on the initial dialogue.
  • Enter your Phone number, and you should this time, receive a code on the viber app on bluestacks.
  • Here, bluestacks acted as a default viber platform.
  • Enter the code you received on bluestacks in the official viber and your viber should load properly.
Installing Viber On Your PC
We’ve tried to explain the process to download viber for PC and install it in the simplest way possible, if you find any thing confusing do not hesitate to drop down the comments. I am here to help  !
Feedback Appreciated!!

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