Download Flappy Bird Android Game .APK For Your Android Phone

Download Flappy Bird Android .apk 

“Flappy Bird” one of the recent viral game that rocketed up the app stores charts in no time. The game is also know for its most irritating yet highly addicting gaming facts. One is not able to try out this game and simply ignore it for the rest of the day, instead you will find yourself playing this game “trying to beat” your own very low high score and each time you fail to do so there’s no way you quit. You restart it , fail again and this continues until you get really irritated with yourself and the game itself and finally delete it. 
As, this game and its owner had to face the consequences of its unknown virality, the Vietnam based developer had to bring it down from all the app stores for some reasons that he does not want to discuss with anybody and prevails that the popularity and hype is not what he wants and presents himself as a normal person who wants to stay away from all of this. So, he exclaims it to be the major reason behind the deletion of the app from the major app stores. 

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Did you delete the game as well? And are searching for a flappy bird .apk file to install it once again, well we’re providing our users with the .apk file for flappy bird game to install it on your android phone.
Download Flappy Bird Android .apk [ MediaFire Links ]
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