Screenshotting On A PC Windows 10 : Explained


When it comes to screenshotting on a PC, there are millions of ways to do it. It all depends upon what you need to do and what are the uses of the pictures that you have screenshotted. In this article, I will go through different ways of screenshotting on a PC and help you decide …

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RSAT Windows 10 Download/Install Guide For 1809


RSAT stands for remote server administration tool(RSAT). This set of tools allows system administrators to manage the active directory and all its components from their system without much hassle. If you are not familiar, RSAT can only be installed on Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Professional edition. So, if you have any other versions …

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Uninstall Windows 10 Apps Store Apps/Games


Windows 10 is equipped with a brand-new app store. The app store offers wide range of applications, games, Music, Movies & TV. It’s easy to download and install apps and games from the store, uninstalling the apps you’ve downloaded can be a bit tricky though. Uninstalling Apps/Games Downloaded From Windows 10 App Store If you …

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Best Free Screen Recorder Software For Windows 10,8.1,7


Lots of tech-savvy people mostly start their YouTube journey with screen recordings of themselves teaching the viewers how to solve or do something on their computer. Well, I also have a few on my channel if you want to watch them, you can find them here. Most of them use a free online recorder software to …

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Will Your System Support Windows 10 Installation??


With Microsoft’s latest operating System Just Around the corner, everyone is excited for sure and should be. Windows 10 has been believed to hit the consumer market anytime in July, according to latest leak from AMD’s CEO. But before that we recommend that you download and install the operating system’s Release preview that will help …

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Windows 10 will be free for pirates too,with some limitations


Microsoft has finally confirmed that windows 10 is for real and most probably launched this summer in 190 countries and 111 different languages. Terry Myerson- Microsoft’s Executive President of Operating Systems confirmed the news speaking at an event in  in Shenzhen, China. Microsoft’s windows 10 technical preview is already available and one can get a …

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How To Install Windows 7 From USB Drive

Here’s a quick in-depth guide to install windows 7 from USB. Gone are the days of using CD-ROM or even DVD as upcoming PCs/laptop have started skipping the DVD drive in them. We’re not trying that they are of now use anymore, but we have much faster medias and mediums to install windows on our …

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How To Start Windows 7 In Safe Mode

It might have occurred that you might have to start windows 7 in safe mode for troubleshooting your PC problems and issues. Before getting into safe mode, you should get acquainted with all the safe mode options and different modes that serve users to tackle with different features and issues. Also Read : Downloading Windows 7 ISO Files Directly   For starting windows 7 in safe …

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How To Download And Install WhatsApp On Windows 7 PC


Whatsapp is one of the most widely used social messaging apps these days. With a record of serving more than 27 billion messages last year, it was no doubt that it would catch the eyes of Facebook. This post is dedicated to helping you download WhatsApp for Windows 7 PC with or without Bluestacks. Facebook …

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