Best Ways to Restore Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 10


It gets frustrating and annoying when you accidentally delete some of your essential files. You might lose the files that we have created by mistake or any different reason by doing complex works. Everyone repeats this mistake once in their life. So, now the question is how to restore permanently deleted files that you have …

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How To Enable Or Disable BitLocker On Windows 10?


Have you ever tried BitLocker for Windows 10? It would be best if you took the appropriate precautions to secure confidential data stored on your devices. For that, BitLocker is an easy way to encrypt all of the data on your computer to keep it secure from prying eyes. To encrypt disk sizes, BitLocker employs …

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Control Windows 10 With Voice – Cortana


Do you know that you can even control Windows 10 with a voice command? The voice command feature in Windows 10 is an easy-to-use interface that helps you to monitor your device using voice commands entirely. Voice control is a simple way to complete tasks quickly. Any of Windows 10’s most common features, such as …

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How To Uninstall Programs On Windows 10 & MAC


Apps are necessary to solve various problems in our daily life. To match the growing speed of technology, we come across different types of apps. However, installing lots of apps may create a shortage of storage, and then our pc starts to lac. Sometimes lots of applications on your pc may slow down your system …

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Finally, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Available in VR


Microsoft flight simulator is an amateur flight simulation game developed by the Asobo Studio. This flight simulator uses Bing Maps textures and data to model the entire Universe, while Microsoft Azure’s AI creates three-dimensional simulations of Earth characteristics. It uses the Azure cloud to render graphics, simulates real-world data and effects, increases graphic accuracy, and …

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Create Local Account Without Microsoft Account In Windows 10


Windows makes it very easy to manage users on a particular system. If your computer is domain-joined or is a standalone system at home, you can create, manage, and monitor the usage of your system using the user accounts settings. With Windows 10, this has slightly changed though. You will have to sign in with …

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How To Upgrade Windows 7 To Windows 10 For Free


Are you facing some problems while upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10? Well, it’s not as hard as you think. Windows 10 is more lightweight and has more advantages than Windows 7. It is also straightforward to upgrade as well and will just take your 5 minutes. This is a step-by-step guide on how …

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How To Set Static IP In Windows 10


IP addresses are the major pathway for data transmission for the internet. It is a very broad way to explain what an IP address is, but that’s the gist of it. Let’s see how to set static IP in Windows 10 for your ethernet or wireless adapter. Set Static IP In Windows 10 To set …

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How To Setup Dual Monitors In Windows 10


Having a dual monitor setup is crucial for a productive workflow. If you have never used a dual monitor setup, it can be a bit confusing. It definitely has a learning curve to it though. This article guides you on how to setup dual monitors in windows 10 using HDMI, DP, DVI, or VGA. Things …

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Run Programs as Administrator in Windows 10


Windows has user groups and different users have different policies applied to them which dictates what kinds of tasks can be carried out by that user on the computer. Like in Linux, running a command with “sudo” allows it the administrator privileges. This allows it to make changes to the operating system level, including the …

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Windows 10 Date and Time Settings


You may not realize that date and time plays a crucial role in making sure your windows operating system performs without any discrepancies. It’s vital to make sure your system has the correct date and time at all times. If not, you might run into different issues that you never thought were linked to this …

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Desktop Icons Spread Out Messed Up -Windows 10/11 [FIXED]


I faced a weird issue recently after trying to change the resolution for one of my monitors on two monitors connected to laptop. The desktop icons spread out in a weird messed-up way. I know it sounds very simple and a simple “Right-click > View > Auto arrange icons” should fix it. I thought the …

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