How To Rotate Screen On Your Device

Monitors or the display screen were one of the best inventions by apple. Being able to see and interact with the work we are doing on the computer, provides whole new level of experience. Even though, sometimes we might find it hard to cope with the screen’s orientation and might have to change the orientation. …

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Protect Your iPhone/Android Phone Screen From Cracking


Smart phones have gotten so much better in past couple of years. So many features are packed inside a small body. Despite all these advancement, they have become more fragile and prone to major damage than before. If you are one of those clumsy smartphone users who drop their phones everywhere, this article will help …

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How To Turn On Flashlight On iPhone/Android

Smartphones are used for almost everything these days. Be it managing our account, schedule for the rest of the week or our health, smartphone does it all. Our phones can also come in handy in other places like navigating through dark using the flash light it has. If your smartphone camera is equipped with a …

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