Security Concern about New Updates in Microsoft Team 2021

new updates in microsoft team

Currently, Microsoft Team is one of the leading chat-based teamwork platforms. There are lots of unique features behind the success of the MS Teams. In 2021 Microsoft has invited us all in style, with a range of new updates planned to give you more knowledge of working and collaborating. Yes, there are some issues every …

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How To Share System Audio In Teams Screen Share Meeting


Microsoft Teams might not be most of our go-to applications for screen sharing or online training. Especially in an organization that uses Microsoft Office 365, with the retirement of Skype for business, it can be quite challenging to use Microsoft Teams to do everything you used to do with skype. This is a guide on …

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Fix Teams White Screen Issue


Microsoft Teams is the next step for Microsoft Skype for business. Teams have been finally rolled out to all the users that are currently using Skype for business as a part of the Office 365 applications. Teams users are facing the “Microsoft teams white screen” issue lately and there is no official news from Microsoft …

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FIX Microsoft Teams Camera Not Working On Windows 10,7


Microsoft Teams is being used by large organizations for meetings and all other audio/video communications. Mostly because skype for business is being replaced by Microsoft Teams and its binded quite well along with other Microsoft Office 365 applications. If you have used teams before I can bet you have run into lots of issues, one …

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