How To Add a Watermark To a PDF?


The importance of paperwork has increased a lot in every stage of our life. Whether it’s business life or school life, we have to make documents in every field. Documents have become so much important that we need to add some security measures to keep them safe from dishonest people. So, if you know how …

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How to Reduce the File Size of a PDF Without Losing Quality?


Sometimes the size of the PDF becomes larger, which makes it difficult to send through the mail and occupies unnecessary space in your drive. PDF of size more than 25MB is not allowed to upload. Not just that, if you want to upload any PDF documents to the government site, then it will only let …

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How To Sign A PDF Document Digitally For Free


PDF files are the most popular file format widely used online for official and unofficial use. Adobe Acrobat makes it seamless to create, edit, adding a watermark to PDF files. Even though you need to purchase a license to make full use of the adobe feature, let’s see how to sign a PDF document digitally …

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