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How often do you use blog name generator tool to find the perfect domain that you would like to build your blog upon. A simple blog name idea can plant a dream of achieving success like Mashable,Techcrunch and lots and lots of blogs that started off with a fancy and so called premium domain name. But unless you find the perfect blog name from among thousands and thousands of blog names available, its not worth to put in your effort to knock down your competitors and build a huge community online.
Its as easy as it seems, choosing a blog name with a blog name generator, it should be a piece of cake as most of us might think. But its as difficult as it seems. Choosing the perfect domain name that will later on represent your brand, product or some how you in front of the online community. Lets face it, how many of us know Pete Cashmore for his personal demeanor, instead we know him as the creator and founder of a widely read blog “Mashable” isn’t it. So, choosing a blog name and pursuing the dream to squeeze out profit of it, it all starts with a good looking and professional domain / blog name.
We’ve listed some of the best blog name generator tools available online. Using these tools and blog names suggestions, you should be able to find one for yourself.
Note: This list is solely a result of our personal use and experience with the following mentioned websites and does not prioritize these websites and tools over other numerous and better tools available online.

 5 Best Blog Name Generator Tools

One of the first tools I used to look up domain names for any of my websites. Its really easy to use and works like a charm. A clean and straight forward interface that prompts you to enter a keyword, that you would want to include in your domain name. After that you will be presented with a list of all the available domain names that have not yet been registered and trust me all the blog names that’s listed in the list will be great and professional. If a domain is already registered by any other user, it will be marked in red color and the unregistered in the green. You can easily register a domain and start a blog on wordpress straight away from its interface. That’s because recently wordpress acquired and is a part of it now.
Our Take :

  • Easy to use interface and great domain name responses.
  • The names it generated for use looked quite professional.
  • It categorized registered and unregistered domains quite perfectly saving time to check for each domain’s registration.
  • Sorting, and keyword selection is available as well.

Wordoid is much professional domain search tool when it comes to customizing your search. Wordoid takes a step ahead when it comes to customizing your search for blog/domain name including your favorite keyword. You can select among different languages between English, Spanish, french, Italian and German. The keyword that you enter can also be altered according to length and domain names quality can also be altered according to the results we get for a particular keyword.
Our Take :

  • We found it a bit more useful that leandomainsearch for its further search customization facilities.
  • Domain names that were generated by wordoid were not quite professional for the keyword we used.
  • The ability to alter the keyword’s length and the domains quality were not quite impressive that we wanted it to be.

Domainsbot has a much professional look and feel and striked us with something much more that just a simple blog name generator tool. With whois look up incorporated with in, you can look up who has registered the domain and when. You are given a lots of further search customization facilities like the type of domains to list, premium or unregistered and much more. Its a must use tool for all the users brain storming for a new domain name for their blog.
Our Take :

  • A professional and much advanced user interface to work on. 
  • Highly customize able search options to find the perfect domain name.
  • You have whois look up feature, it also displays the cost for a premium domain if someone’s planning to buy it. 
  • You can choose between bunch of other options such as, excluding offensive keywords, dashes, numbers and synonyms etc.

Well, panabee is a must use when it comes not only to simple blog names search but also for company names, apps names and also check if the keyword you entered is available for a username on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Isn’t that cool?
When you search for a keyword, panabee lists out domains that are possible with the keyword. And if the domain is available to register, you will see a blue heart logo on its side but if its already taken/registered you’ll see a broken heart indicating you will have to look for other domain names. It also in its sidebars lists apps in the app store for the keyword and presents a Google search for the keyword down below. A professional tool for any kind of name search and not only for blog name ideas.
Our Take :

  • We were totally satisfied with the site’s look, feel and usability.
  • Ability to search for apps names, social media accounts and a Google search to provide a glimpse of what’s in the Google related to the term was really cool and effective.
  • Overall fulfills your blog name generator needs.

5. Namestation
Last but not the least, namestation one of the widely used website for domain search. Features in mashable, techcrunch, seomoz and thenextweb namestation provides best feature to its users with a clean and elegant interface. Though your might get bothered with the sign up process, you can simply login with your Facebook or Google account any easily search for domain names. Yes, you should signup or login with your social account to use its service. Other than that can be one stop solution for all blog names queries. 
Our Take :

  • The Signup option is a must with this website/tool.
  • Wide range of search customization for your related keyword.
  • 1 click registration from godaddy for available domains.
  • You can also hold a domain name contest to get the best out of other users as well.

These are top 5 best blog name generator tools to get the best blog names for your online business , company or even apps. Do you use these types of domain name generator tools or brain storm for the best perfect domain name for yourself. 

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